Drawing for a new laptop

Juli 2nd, 2012 von buergermeister

Some of my friends decided that I would need a new laptop. So they started a campaign to collect the money for a new one. That is indeed true I would need a new one, since my sheeba broke I take one of the company, but thats not always possible and then I use my old one but old means old.
But people who know me, know I feeling not very well accepting gifts. So I decided to do something for it. I will for each 10€ that will be collected make a clipart and put it to the OpenClipartLibrary what means it will be public domain. Means on the end 90 new cliparts available there.

As there is already some money on the moneybox, I started yesterday uploading a clipart set. Hope you can enjoy them, you can do whatever you want with it.

P.S. a few minutes ago I got a mail, someone asked me, if he can use the map clipart for an geo tagging app. Of course you can!

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Distributionen bestaunen…

Juli 1st, 2012 von buergermeister

Wer schon immer einen Blick auf andere Distributionen werfen wollte ohne diese erst aus dem Internet herunter zu laden und selbst zu installieren, der hat bisher immer einen Blick zu Distrowatch geworfen und dort den einen oder anderen mehr oder minder aktuellen Screenshot gefunden.  Da gibt es aber eine weitere Möglichkeit, Chris Haney hat eine Datenbank mit Screenshots der Distributionen aufgebaut. Die Datenbank umfasst derzeit rund 400 verschiedene Distributionen, von denen man sich nicht nur die aktuelle sondern auch ältere Releases in Form von Screenshots anschauen kann. Der Mann muss ziemlich viel Zeit mit Installationen verbringen :D


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  • Inkscape – Kreideschmierereien

    Juni 26th, 2012 von buergermeister

    Ich habe einmal wieder einen kleinen Inkscape-Screencast produziert. Dieses Mal zeige ich, wie man mit Hilfe von LPE eine Schrift erzeugt, die wie mit Kreide geschrieben ausschaut.

    Viel Spaß beim ansehen und nachmachen, Kritiken und Anregungen, wie immer in die Kommentare.

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    LinuxTag Wrap-up

    Mai 29th, 2012 von buergermeister

    Last week I was in Berlin for LinuxTag, “Europes leading Open Source Event”. But I wasnt alone, there was other Fedorians too and I saw also some “Beefy Miracles”. ;)

    As always the event begins with the travel to it. This year I had bad luck with it. First of all I couldnt go by car so I had to take the train. And that is with all the stuff really hard, not the sitting in the train but moving it from train to train or from the station to the venue. So as I arrived I really sweated especially I had to take a long detour for the construction area  opposite the fairground. After the preparation of the booth we all went to our accommodations. The day ended for me with some beer and a little barbecue.

    Wednesday is allways a day with a lot of people wearing ties so more business as community. This year there was definitly more people at this day as last year. Next to the Fedora booth was Centos and a HotDog Place, so we had some vouchers for HotDogs because we couldnt handout real Beefy Miracles. A guy named Michael Larabel found them really tasty. The wednesday ends for me tradionally on the GUUG evening. On thursday and friday the halls begun to be more crowded. Every media I brought to Berlin was gone friday evening, we had only 1 DVD left saturday morning. I used the time in Berlin also to speak with some people about the upcoming Linux Color Management Hackfest in Brno.
    Saturday in the morning, I had a shift as session chair and in the same track together with Kai-Uwe Behrmann our talk “Bring Color To The Game“. The honor on this day goes to cwickert, who presented Fedora in a Beefy Miracle costume on the Projects Fast Forward and also took part for Fedora in the Distro Battle, a longer track where different Linux distributions can show, how tasks in with there distribution can be done.
    I had to go this year a hour before the LinuxTag ended, for fetch my train and the travel home was again an adventure with delayed trains.

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    Linux Color Management Hackfest

    Mai 22nd, 2012 von buergermeister

    One of the good things that happend on LGM, was that Richard Hughes and Kai-Uwe Behrmann found time to speak with each other and found a way how they can work together in the future. That brought a new spirit to OpenICC and made a lot of people happy. Since then there was a lot of work on metadata key and also on some discussions about color managed printing. But this is mostly theoretical work and both like to write also code. So time to move forward there also.

    There was since a long time the idea to an Hackfest on color management stuff. On LGM we had all three together also the time to speak about this topic, and we all had the feeling that would move color management on the free desktop forward. So now we made some plans and the hackfest will be in November. As you can see Kai-Uwe and also Hughsie blogged already about it.

    The hackfest will be from 16th-19th of November 2012 in Brno, RedHat offices. There is already a wiki page for the hackfest. Planned is to get some experts in color management together with authors of applications, also working color managemed printing, move some browsers forward on this topic and also work on color management in toolkits. Some people from QT showed already interest.

    So if you are interested, contact me or Kai-Uwe or simple join the #openicc channel on freenode.

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    Mandriva community driven???

    Mai 18th, 2012 von buergermeister

    Vor fast 2 Jahren kam es bei Mandriva zum Eklat und ein Fork, den wohl die meisten kennen Mageia war die Folge. Während die Mageia Community wächst und Version 2 in den nächsten Tagen erscheinen wird, hat Mandriva immer noch mit Problemen zu kämpfen. Mitte April hat Jean-Manuel Croset im Zuge der Vorbereitungen der Aktionärsversammlung von Mandriva, die Community aufgerufen sich zu Wort zu melden. Unter der Ãœberschrift “Mandriva Linux will return to the community” hat sich Jean-Manuel Croset als CEO von Mandriva nun wieder zu Wort gemeldet und sagt, dass eine Entscheidung getroffen wurde Mandriva Linux an eine von Mandriva unabhängige Einheit zu transferieren. Eine Arbeitsgruppe aus Communityvertretern wäre gebildet worden, der es nun obliegen würde, die Strukturen, Prozesse und Organisation dieser neuen Einheit zu definieren.

    Meiner Meinung nach ist dieser Blogeintrag wieder mal ziemlich schwammig und wird wohl auch nichts weiter bringen, den Zug Mandriva den habt ihr verpasst.  Das Mandriva dann wohl der Upstream für Business-Produkte von Mandriva SA werden soll, da braucht man nicht erst auf den Businessplan warten den Mandriva SA veröffentlichen wird. Warum Mandriva SA nicht Mageia unterstützen will dürfte auf der Hand liegen, auch in der Mandriva Einheit, wie auch immer die aussehen wird, wird es wohl ein Entscheidungsgremium geben in dem Mandriva SA sich wohl ein Veto-Recht sichern zu meinen scheint. Naja schauen wir mal, wie es weiter geht in diesem Zirkus….

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    Tickets für LinuxTag

    Mai 11th, 2012 von buergermeister

    Auch dieses Jahr gibt es wieder die Möglichkeit von mir ein Wochenticket für den LinuxTag zu bekommen und wie in den vergangenen Jahren auch, dafür einfach eine Mail schreiben oder hier einen Kommentar hinterlassen. Keine Angst es sind schon ein paar da ;)

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  • day +3 LGM/Linuxwochen

    Mai 9th, 2012 von buergermeister

    Saturday the 5th of May was the last day of Libre Graphics Meeting and also of the Linuxwochen Vienna. It was the day of Beastie and Puffy invasion, because the european BSDday.eu was also in the venue. In the morning I had again a Inkscape workshop on the Linuxwochen, which was better visited as the one on the day before. So I had no time for the talks at the Libre Graphics Meeting. After a short lunch break a second workshop followed. It was a workshop about the whole workflow for preparing magazines/books and of course working with free software. Planned was to prepare a book with all the paper of LGM in that workshop, but I only got 3 of them. So on the end it was more a BoF-session about all the work which have to be done preparing a magazin or book. Thats already a lot, book sizes, book layout, font decission and all that.

    After the workshop my voice was gone at least until I had a drink. But I needed not really my voice anymore that day. I joined Pete Ippels talk Transitional Work Flow For Artists Making The Libre Graphics Leap and and It Builds Character a talk from Nathan Willies introducing new free software tools for font development. After that the LGM ended and there was a short discussion where the next one should be. So next LGM will be in Madrid and there are some voices doing it in Asia. And thats problematic, there are to much people who like to protect what they have, an LGM in Europe or Montreal. But we will see…

    The day ended for most of us in the same restaurant we went on tuesday evening, so that meant “Schnitzel” for the most of us. This time the crowed was bigger as in tuesday so we needed another table extra. But we stayed not to long as some of us, already started there travelling home directly from there or at the next morning.

    pictures Nicu & Tom Lechner, both CC-BY-SA

    Nicu managed already to upload most of his pictures and Mizmo did also made a bigger upload. For Taticas pictures I think we have to wait for a few days, she is in “zombie mode” after her arrival at home yesterday evening.

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    day +2 LGM/Linuxwochen

    Mai 9th, 2012 von buergermeister

    Friday the 4th of May was the 3rd day of Libre Graphics Meeting and the 2nd of Linuxwochen Vienna. The day of the goat invasion or the day I had not really fun. Why, I missed all the talks I was really interested in. For example Johan Engelen with the development of Powerstroke in Inkscape. I missed them because I had at the same time an Inkscape workshop on Linuxwochen. The workshop wasnt so crowed as they normally are. Because it was friday in the morning, a lot of people have to work. But there was no other time slot left. So I couldnt enjoy all the interesting talks from the GIMP world.

    At 3pm was a bigger slot with an panel: Doing Design In The World Of FLOSS which Mizmo, Allan Day and me was planned for, Peter Sikking joined us also. The problem sitting on the end means, very often the points are taken. After that I skipped one talk and watched later Nicus talk about Free Culture meets Free Software: Wiki Loves Monuments and after that a video presentation from Bassam Kurdali about the Tube movie project. I had an conversation with Bassam a week before LGM started about that, because there was the idea to do a free movie session on the Linuxwochen after party on friday. But before we went to that, there was another q/talk planned like the day before. This time about open hardware, Pete Ippel talked about the MilkyMist One, Richard Hughes about the ColorHug and normally Mickey Lauer was planned but he didnt make it, so Zoltan joined the round and talked about the Nanonote.

    After the q/talk I played again the role of a tourist guide and we went to the MuseumsQuartier. That is one of the places I like most, there is a lot of art and its also a place for Geeks as there is the quartier 21 for digital art and life style. The Linuxwochen after party wasnt invaded from LGM people like Nicu wrote, it was actually planned this way. Normally the after party its just a bigger table with arround 20 people as the most speakers are on there way home after there talk. Thats a problem of a longer event, you will never get all together. I tried to show some free movies, but it was already to late for that. On the social event Elisa de Castro Guerra went to me and used one of the few chances to speak with me, it was actually funny, because she works also for Doudou Linux, where I did last year made a submission to the Logo Contest and we had time to talk a little bit about it. Later we went for a couple of hours to the Metalab, Viennas hackerspace, which isnt far from the MQ and then home.

    pictures Nicu & Kai-Uwe Behrmann

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    day +1 LGM/LinuxWochen

    Mai 8th, 2012 von buergermeister

    May the 3rd was the second day of Libre Graphics Meeting and the first one of Linuxwochen Vienna. So in the foyer of the UAS Technikum opened the exhibition area and also DrupalDay.at and the first talks of Linuxwochen helped to fill the area with people. Of course there was a Fedora booth at the exhibition and it was the biggest one. I brought the table cloth and one of the rollups to Vienna, and also what was left from FOSDEM on stickers. Mizmo brought also some stickers and flyers and also some DesignSuite DVD. Zoltan brought cheatcubes, DVD and an OLPC. So the booth was well prepared. The Fedora booth was also photographed from the Der Standard and published on his online platform. As you can see not only the both was photographed, also Taticas keynote was topic. She had later an interview with Der Standard and got there own article. The topic on migration to Linux is really from interest for the people in Vienna, as the migration in that city failed and they have to spent now again every year a lot of mon€y for licenses. On the end the topic was from so much interest, that the organizers decided to give a second slot to Tatica speaking about the situation arround Open Source in Latinamerica. Together we managed the spontaneously additional talk.

    On the Libre Graphics Meeting side Mizmo and Emichan had their talk: An awesome FLOSS design collaboration workflow presenting SparkleShare, Magic Mockup, GlitterGallery and DesignHub. I didnt see a lot of talks on LGM on this day, but this one I didnt miss. The day on the event ended with an traditional q/talk from q/uintessenz. The topic on that panel discussion was “Open Content, Free Culture” the guests was Pete Ippel, Ricardo Lafuente and Ana Carvalho who work together on Libre Graphics Magazin and the guy who does always Free & Open Movie Nights, I think he is called gnokii ;) So an second additional talk at this day. We didnt went out for dinner this evening and I prepared a dinner in our appartment, “Zwiebelkuchen” and 2 nice bottle of wine.

    photo by Nicu.

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    day 0 LGM/Linuxwochen

    Mai 8th, 2012 von buergermeister

    The 2nd of May was the first day of the 7th edition of Libre Graphics Meeting, I by myself call it the “Color Freaks Day” because most of the topics at this day scheduled talks was about color management. But the day started for Tatica and me with a little shopping trip. As I said in the last blogpost, our appartment was at a really cool place and we had not only cafes outside, we had directly opposite an supermarket and 20 meters away the next one. So we managed to get things like coffee, fruit juices, coffee cream and milk. And there was even a bakery so there was fresh Croissants at the breakfast. After a cup of coffee we all went to the venue, which was a 20 minutes walk.

    As I mentioned before, the first day of Libre Graphics Meeting started with a lot of talks arround color management topics. The first talk was Richard Hughes: ColorHug – The Open Hardware Colorimeter, followed by Kai-Uwe Behrmann: Evolving Concepts for Colour Management, Color Management in SVG2 from Chris Lilley from W3C, and then again Kai-Uwe Behrmann with Colour Management a la Greek and Richard Hughes: colord – Linux Color Management Framework, One Year On. Last in this round was myself: Taxi DB – Call A Cab To Bring The Colors. What we learned at this day, is that there is not really a good documentation for users about starting with color management, so many beginners have problems. Hopefully Kai-Uwe Behrmanns and mine talk at LinuxTag will helpful for that. When I understood Chris Lilley right then naming of colors in SVG2 will be possible so then transferring spot color names will be possible. For me it was the chance to introduce Hughsie to TaxiDB. He showed interest in using it but not in the way we thaught, but we managed to find a way over the week, using it for his needs and also for what I thaught TaxiDB should be, so a win-win. On the end Richard and Kai-Uwe managed to talk with each other and there is a new begin on OpenICC. The day ended for us with an picnic, Mizmo, Emichan, Tatica and me cooked and we went to the Danube channel, which was also not far away from our appartment. The crowed became again bigger as Allan Day, Garret LeSage, Jakub Steiner, Jiri Eischmann and some others joined us. Was really a nice get together.

    photos by Nicu.

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  • day -1 LGM/Linuxwochen

    Mai 8th, 2012 von buergermeister

    I should call this day the “cat herding day”, because it was the day of most of the arrivals. Was also a day where I had to learn some things, first of all check your phone that it is working and the second if you meet on a subway station, tell the people they should not get out and wait downstairs, otherwise its really hard to find the person you like to meet. But we managed the fetch all the people we expected. First arrivals was Nicu and Emily. Both arrived nearly at the same time but the problem they didnt know each other and in the case of Emily I didnt know the flight number she arrives with. But both managed to get to the appartment alone. The cool thing was, we had directly before our house a cafe with an “Schanigarten” so we could sitting outside drinking a “Melange” waiting for them. After they put there luggage into the appartment, we moved to the next meeting point. The next meeting point was also a cafe in the 7th district so nearly downtown, I had ordered a table there before for all of us and we had a nice brunch there.

    Zoltan and Geri arrived also to late at there appartment, so I was sitting on a hot chair not missing the next meeting. But that was one of the points for the brunch, I also had can the group left there fetching Mizmo and Hughsie and come later back. But they managed it in time and they went with me fetching the others. But it took us really a lot of time to find them, so no sightseeing on the rest of the day. So we went all back to our appartments and went later to an restaurant. We was really a big crowd there because Behdad, Miska, Pete Ippel and later Christian Jeitler from the Linuxwochen team joined us also. So the fedorians get mixed with other LGMers. So we had a lot of nice conversations there and Tatica realized first time how big a “Wiener Schnitzel” should be ;) But we stayed not to long because most was tired from the travel and next day LGM would start in the morning. The sad part on this evening was that Kai-Uwe didnt join us, because he liked to prepare his slides for the talks on the next day. Hughsie was not happy about that, but we managed that both had time together later in the week.

    pictures by Nicu.

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  • Blue Frogs calling

    Mai 8th, 2012 von buergermeister

    2 weeks ago the german event FrOSCon called for talks. FrOSCon is one of the bigger events in Germany, they have a main track with talks, an exhibition with a lot of booths, and track especially for kids called FrogLabs and another part they give away rooms for projects for ther own program also.

    Last year Fedora had such an room and we prepared an whole day talk program with topics arround Fedora. Christoph Wickert organized that. As the CfP was opened I had a short conversation with Cristoph if we should do that again and I wrote a mail to the ambassadors list. To have an Fedora related track makes only sense when we have enough interesting talks in it. So we need people who want to participate in this or some clear statements if we should do it again or not. But anyway the CfP ist still open until 23rd of May and you can submit your talks also there. FrOSCon hosts this year also a PHP sub-conference with an extra program, there is also still time left for submissions.

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    day -2 LGM/Linuxwochen

    Mai 1st, 2012 von buergermeister

    So day -2 for LGM and Linuxwochen ended now, most of the day I spent in trains and subways. I started today at 8am at my home for going to Vienna, first way was to Dresden and from there with the train to Vienna. We arrived short after 8pm on Vienna Meidling and after that we went to ur appartment. Tobias arrived really late and so he had only time to bring hispbagage to the appartment and then we went to the airport fetching Tatica. She came really with the last flight from Madrid, so now we sitting all in the appartment drink a glass of wine, write mails and do some work. Tomorrow (in a few hours) Mizmo and Emichan will arrive and our appartment is complete. It was really hot today and we all are really tired from the travel.

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  • LinuxTag 2012

    April 27th, 2012 von buergermeister

    In knapp einem Monat ist es wieder soweit, Europas größter Event rund um Linux und Open Source geht über die Bühne. Das freie Vortragsprogramm ist ja mittlerweile veröffentlicht und die Austeller stehen auch schon eine Weile fest. Ich selbst werde am Samstag um 10.30 Uhr im Saal Berlin I einen Vortrag haben, das Thema ist “Bring Color To The Game“. Den Votrag halte ich zusammen mit kai-Uwe Behrmann vom Oyranos Projekt. Der Vortrag versucht zu erklären was Color Management eigentlich ist, da sieht es bei vielen schon trüb aus und wie der derzeitige Stand innerhalb der Open Source Welt ist. Da gibt es ja so einiges an Software von ArgyllCMS, über LittleCMS, dispcalGUI, colord, Oyranos, KolorManager, Gnome-Color-Manager usw. Allein diese Woche hatte ich 3 Personen, die Gnome-Color-Manager für ein Color Management System hielten, wo es doch nur ein grafisches Frontend zur Konfiguration eines solchen ist. Es sind eine Menge Mythen und Unklarheiten zu diesem Thema unterwegs und wir hoffen, mit unserem Vortrag diese bereinigen zu können und dem Anwender zu zeigen wie er zu einem farbverwalteten Desktop kommt.

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    LGM 2012 fundraiser

    April 25th, 2012 von buergermeister

    This video was done a while ago, maybe some recognize the people in it. The pledgie-campaign, you can find here.


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  • Die Indios können wieder laufen….

    April 24th, 2012 von buergermeister

    Vor etwa einem Monat habe ich einen kleinen Screencast über ein cooles Werkzeug namens Tupi gemacht und hier in meinem Blog veröffentlicht.  Problematisch war und ist an Tupi funktionierende Pakete für seine Distribution zu finden. Bei Fedora und openSUSE scheiterte das paketieren mit deren Systemen an einem ganz einfachem Grund, Tupi hat ffmpeg als Abhängigkeit. FFmpeg ist aber nun mal mit seinen Codecs eher etwas problematisch mit den Rechten.

    Gustav Gonzalez hat in den letzten Wochen einige Anstrengungen unternommen, hier eine Lösung zu schaffen. Die Lösung ist, dass Tupi nun aus mehreren Teilen besteht, einmal der Software Tupi selbst und als Plugin Tupi-FFmpeg. Ohne das letztere Paket bedeutet das, dass man normal mit Tupi arbeiten kann aber eben keine AVI oder ähnliches erstellen kann. Für diesen “Meilenstein” hab ich für Fedora ja schon einen Packager gefunden und auch bei openSUSE wird das in Zukunft jemand paketieren. Für Ubuntu existiert nun eine Projektseite in Launchpad, so dass die Pakete nicht mehr nur auf Gustavs persönlichem Account zu finden sind. Auch hier wären helfende Hände nicht unwillkommen!

    Aber das ist nicht alles, denn ohne das FFmpeg Plugin kann man ja nur JPG oder PNG exportieren, nicht wirklich eine Animation. Aber auch zu diesem Thema ist bereits Abhilfe geschaffen, in den letzten Wochen hat Gustav ebenso an einem Plugin gearbeitet umd Ogg Video zu exportieren. Auch dieses Plugin ist nun fertig, man wird also in Zukunft auf Videos exportieren können ohne auf proprietäre Formate zurückgreifen zu müssen. Für die Zukunft stehen noch einige Verbesserungen an den Tweenings und auch der Support von Webm als Videoofrmat an, dann wird Tupi seine nächste Version erreichen.

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  • Just give us a name

    April 24th, 2012 von buergermeister

    It might be a “waste of time and money” for Richard Hughes but is isnt for others. The argument nobody would run “Fedora Verne” is a really funny one to me. Nobody runs “openSUSE Teal” or “openSUSE Asparagus” in fact not many people inside openSUSE knows the codename for the version. But because 11.4 was named Asparagus its got a design in that color. So as you can see what for others is just a wasting of time ist for other people a help for doing there work. The design and the marketing team can better work with an name as with a simple number.

    So if you go to the poll and vote, please do it not with the actual situation with that ugly submissions for the name in mind, please consider more what does it mean for the work of others to have release names. Its just a wasting of time to write such nonsense blogposts and when release names are wasting of time for Richard, so consider not to vote. For others its that participation in an open process, or can I choose the name in openSUSE or ubuntu?

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    Eine ganze Woche rund um Linux und freie Software

    April 23rd, 2012 von buergermeister

    Dieses Jahr tragen die Linuxwochen Wien ihren Namen wohl zurecht, denn fast eine ganze Woche gibt es Programm, welches jetzt veröffentlicht ist.
    Besucher der Linuxwochen in Wien, werden auf jeden Fall auf ihre Kosten kommen. Nicht nur das auch ausreichend für die Fans der Vettern aus Berkley am Samstag mit dem europäischem BSDday ein ausreichendes Programm geboten wird und das LibreGraphicsMeeting ja ebenfalls zur gleichen Zeit stattfindet, sondern auch die lokale Drupal Community nutzt die Linuxwochen mit einem ganzem Track um sich der Öffentlichkeit zu präsentieren.

    Traditionell sind die Linuxwochen am ersten Tag eher business-orientiert, was nicht heißt der Besucher findet nichts interessantes. So geht es am ersten Tag um “Migration“, “Cloud Computing” und “Open Source Professionals” aber es gibt auch einen Track rund um “Open Source for Students” oder den bereits erwähnten Drupal-Track.
    Eröffnet werden die Linuxwochen, mit einem in Wien eher heiklem Thema, der Migration der öffentlichen Verwaltung zu freier Software. Der eröffnende Vortrag wird “Venezuela – An Entire Country Migrates To Linux” von Maria Gracia Leandro Lombardo sein und dem folgen Vorträge wie “Betrieb einer Cloud mit OpenStack Essex im Praxistest” oder “cloud4education, einer freien Cloud-Lösung für Schulen“. Die OpenSource Professionals zeigen wie Asterisk und Group-E integriert werden können und welche Möglichkeiten das eröffnet oder wie man PostgreSQL-Datenbanken repliziert und hochverfügbar macht. Der Tag endet mit dem tradionellen QTalk, einer Podiumsdiskussion zu einem OpenSource Thema.

    Am zweiten Tag der Linuxwochen, dem Freitag gibt es einen langen Tag für die Fans offener Hardware: Nanonote, Milkymist, Rasberry Pi, OpenMoko – OpenPhoenux und Arduino sind die Themen der Vorträge. Natürlich gibt es auch neues rund um ARM und es wird in einem Vortrag gezeigt, wie man sein Haus mit Linux intelligent machen kann.

    Am Samstag geht es in einem Track rund um Open Source für Anwender, in dem unter anderem gezeigt wird, wie man seinen Laptop ohne ein Betriebssystem zum Laufen bekommt oder das es Open Source für alle erdenklichen Plattformen gibt. Aber es gibt auch Vorträge wie Ext4, BTRFS, XFS oder doch lieber WTF oder was BtrFs und die Integration mit Snapper bringt.
    Neben dem Vortragsprogramm gibt es noch parallel Tracks mit Workshops rund um LaTeX, Inkscape, Scribus, Elektra, Pair Programming und vielem mehr. Dazu gibt es aber auch kleinere Runden mit Themen wie Digital Audio Workstation oder wie man mit Super Collider Musik mit Open Source macht oder neuen Funktionen des QT5 frameworks.
    Wem das alles noch nicht ausreicht, parallel findet gleichzeitig das LibreGraphics Meeting in den Räumlichkeiten des Technikum Wien statt.

    Auf diesem geht es am ersten Tag Mittwoch den 2. Mai mit Themen rund um Color Managment los. Der Tag startet nach der Eröffnung mit “ColorHug – The Open Hardware Colorimeter” und bringt weiterhin Vorträge von Chris Lilley vom W3C und dem Status von “Color Management in SVG2“. Aber auch andere Themen kommen zur Sprache, wie “Import filters for vector graphic formats in LibreOffice: the reverse- and straight engineering fun” in dem Fridrich Strba von den Erlebnissen bei der Implemtierung verschiedener Formate in LibreOffice erzählt. Und so gibt es auch in den folgenden Tagen Vorträge zu Grafikthemen, wie “Digital Painting with open source” von Ramon Miranda dem Autor des DigitalPainting Plugin von GIMP oder Gustav Gonzalez Giron der mit “Tupi: Living 2D art together” diese Applikation näher vorstellt. Auch Krita taucht im Programm auf und SynfigStudio wird mit “Introducing Synfig Studio” von Timothée Giet näher vorgestellt.

    Aber auch zu dieser Veranstaltung gibt es nach dem Mittag paralell ein Programm für all diejenigen, die es eher praktisch mögen wie zum Beispiel: “Hugin’s Eye / Panorama” Workshop oder “Colorfont workshop” von Ana Isabel Carvalho und Ricardo Lafuente. Also auch auf diesem Event wird einem so einiges geboten.
    Nebenbei veranstalten die Linuxwochen auch ein Gewinnspiel, wie immer mit sehr schönen Preisen und auch ein Keysigning und Social Event werden nicht fehlen.

    Auf Grund der Internationalität von LibreGraphicsMeeting sind alle Talks und Workshops von diesem in englisch und auch auf den Linuxwochen gibt es eine Anzahl von Vorträgen die in dieser Sprache gehalten werden, aber es gibt auch ausreichend Vorträge/Workshops in deutscher Sprache. Wer mehr zum Programm erfahren will, das Programm der Linuxwochen für den ersten Tag, den zweiten Tag und den dritten Tag und das Programm für das LibreGraphicsMeeting sind hier zu finden. Der Weg nach Wien wird auf jeden Fall ein lohnenswerter.

    Das LibreGraphicsMeeting benötigt aber immer noch die Hilfe der Community, um die Reisekosten der Teilnehmer zusammen zu tragen, dafür gibt es ein Pledgie.

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    Linuxwochen Vienna

    April 23rd, 2012 von buergermeister

    The Linuxwochen are an special kind of event, its not one event its an kind of road show turing trough Austria. The tour stops in Krems, Eisenstadt, Graz, Wien, Linz and all events are in the period of April and May. Next week the tour will take place in the capital of Austria – Vienna and Fedora will participate in this event. The Linuxwochen are not the only event which takes place at this time and in the Building of UAS Technikum Vienna. The community arround floss graphics and graphic tools will also come together, as I wrote before.

    Now the schedule (first day, second day, third day) of the talks for Linuxwochen is also published and we can talk a little bit about it. The Linuxwochen will opened with an talk some of us might know. Tatica will have the openining talkVenezuela – An Entire Country Migrates To Linux. There is a little story behind, why the organizers decided to make it as an keynote. The city of Vienna started 2005 to migrate to Linux, they also developed like Munich there own Linux distribution called Wienux. The migration failed and the development of Wienux stopped 2009. So its a little bit a show that it can be done.

    But this will not our only part in the schedule of talks. I by myself will deliver 2 workshops working with Inkscape. But there is more, Zoltan Hoppar will introduce Nanonote and Milkymist as open hardware and will also have an workshop about Password Hygiene – Things that you must know about your password. Gergely Rákosi will show the audience, that Gaming on Fedora – How to enjoy gaming on Fedora linux,natively and with Wine is possible. Jiří Eischmann will show students that they can have a carrier in the FLOSS world and together with Jaroslav Řezník he will show the audience How to Contribute to Fedora Project. Jaroslav will also deliver an workshop Qt 5 Hereafter. Jiří Vanek will show the Path To OpenJDK 8 and Michal Privoznik will show Virtualization on Desktops. Together with the talks from LibreGraphicsMeeting, I count a sum of 18 talks, would say we topped the good participation in CLT definitly.  Of course we will have also a booth for fedora in the small exhibition area, next to the Red Hat booth. Fedora blue will definitive a recognizable color on that event.

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