Khmer Translation Sprint 3

Mai 25th, 2019 von buergermeister

Last sunday we had the now 3rd Translation Sprint in Cambodia for driving forward the translation to khmer. It did cost me a lot of time to find a place which would host us and not ask for an payment for the room. But with Open Development Cambodia I found a partner who even was willing to give us monthly the space but only on sunday (saturday is in Cambodia a regular working day). We will do with ODC’s help now bi-monthly sprints to drive the stage of the translation faster forward. You have to understand the mentality of khmer people, the are highly motivated when you get them convinced that it should be done but working remotely its not theirs. The civil war ended in this country not evne 3 decades ago and they started using IT technology in 2004/2005. You might laugh but IT students come here normally from the provinces and are sons and daughters of farmers and have very often never seen a computer before. They left out things like IRC and mailing lists, they are not used to them. They are not the people who can learn things by themself so easy and are more visual learners, so somebody has to show them. I doing this but it takes time. As long there are not enough without skills in remote team work it will be always the way that I have to do sprints, but it is fine. It is enjoyable to see how they work with each other in discussing how to translate some technical terms into their language and filling the glossary.

So what do we have achieve on that day. First and that is a bit part of the things above, I had to do with a lot the creation of the accounts. We have 5 new FAS accounts. So welcome to:

  • punwath
  • senghour
  • singhtararith
  • mardii


  • thytry

With them we have now 37 FAS accounts from cambodians and the translation team is grown to 21. Its just the hard thing to keep them all active and that is the hard part. We did start in the morning at 9am with creating the accounts and it took us 2 hours. As I did mention before a lot of things are unknown here, its not common to encrypt mails e.g. so I have to explain what GPG means and how it works. Privacy and security just becoming an issue now in this country there was no sensebility for it before. So it took us 2.5 hrs to do the the necessary things and create their accounts. Followed by a really short introduction of Zanata, I will be so hppy when it gets replaced. The usebility became more ugly as before not saying that there are more and more problems with login to it. So around 11 am we could start to translate.

As said before, right now we concentrate on translating all web pages as this is faster done and it seems more important to spread information about Fedora as translating our tools first. When it comes to our workstation we also hitting the problem that the stage of the translation of GNOME to khmer is shrinking, as the paid translators of Open Institute are not there anymore. But there is taken care of singhtararith and punwath already did join the GNOME translation team, we did work over the last 2 weeks on this.

Something negative is that Sarem Kui Rim from CIYA (Cambodia Indingenous Youth Association) not could join as, it was he who did ask me in December if we could start to translate to kui. I am careful with such interests but s I saw on Facebook that he registered on the event to come, I made the necessary steps to get a kui language team created so that he and his fellows could start. I wrote him now, so lets see what kept him away.

Then we started to translate, then we had a lunch break and enjoyed some pizza, and the insisted on some chicken wings (khmer love nibble on bones :D ) And they did enjoy, you could hear it :D After the lunch break we did continue with translation until the afternoon.

So what did we achieve, after the last sprint we had an result of translation of the web pages of 46%, which dropped down a bit through new strings to 45.33%. But after the web team did add the new getfedora pages the stage did drop to 29.53% Now we are back to 49.71%

start.fedoraproject.org  100% = 100%
getfedora.org  86.69% -> 100% -> getfedora.org-redesign 49.35%
spins.fedoraprojects.org  87.34% -> 100%
labs.fedoraproject.org  3.73% -> 11.94%
alt.fedoraproject.org  30.89% -> 80.3%
arm.fedoraproject.org  14.24% -> 57.78%
fedoracommunity.org  5.83% = 5.83%
boot.fedoraproject.org  3.66% -> 88.12%
budget.fedoraproject.org  0% -> 9.16%

as you can see the translation is in a pretty good stage now. I dont know what Fedora Cheatcubes have to do with the web pages and who putted them there, but the 0% and also the askbot-ng makes no sense to translate especially after moving to discord. If that two things would be not there the stage would be higher then 49.71%. Our glossary is also grown, currently the translation move not so fast because there is a lot of discussion amongst them how some terms can be translated, that is an advantage of having them in one room and work instead of doing the work remotely. With the next sprint, which will be on 7th July the web pages will be definitely done, except the come up with a lot of new pages or changes.

But this are not all the results for the day, I also showed Punwath and Singhtararith the way to GNOME translation. So that when we have translated Anaconda, ABRT and Co., can have an khmer workstation again. We had an usable khmer DE once just you could not install Fedora in khmer but that comes after the web pages are done. Btw. as the Ministery for Telecommunication made an regulation to use only new software when it is available in khmer and the Ministery for Youth, Education and Sports made an regulation to prefer in the future FOSS software, Fedora could have the advantage to be for a while the only translated Linux distribution and therefore could be used in the schools and public universities.
I also had the chance to speak with Thy Try about this years Software Freedom Day and we agreed to make together one and that we looking who can join this event.

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