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März 22nd, 2019 von buergermeister

I looking with fears to this strange ideas Mindshare has for the future of the Ambassadors. You can not write reports if you not have an event, so I telling here now how hard it is in this country to organize an event.

Since October 2018 I search for a place which would host the next Translation Sprint. We have tons of co-working spaces or NGO’s which have space available. But is always the same I asked e.g. Open Institute, answer we can host you just on Saturday. And I had actually to write there several times and even make calls because I got no answer for the first contact. The same on The Desk, we can host you only on Saturday. This makes no sense in Cambodia, it is a regular working day, because they have 28 holidays. So most people have to work until 2pm. What sucked on this one, I was working on it since end of January. So first meeting was setup for 11th March, I went there but nobbody there to meet me. This is normal cambodian working style I dont tell I am busy and cant meet you and give you an alternative time. Well the promised mail with an alternative time never arrived, so I had to ask for it again. Second meeting was then this Monday, I spent an hour with them with the useless result of “just Saturday”. But there is light on the horizon OpenDevelopment might host us but here just on Sunday, which is for us better then just Saturday. So six months, hundreds of mails and several meetings and achieved nothing. How easy is it to setup a Fedora Womans Day in the Pune office, compared to this and then just travel around the world to visit other events and this is then called “active”


Also for the “different Release Party” I have a lot of trouble, I contacted PNC back in October to repeat the event. The sad news for me after Benoit Pitet also John Munger left, leaves me with Cambodians to work so again explaining things the Europeans did realize without the need to tell them. I show you here the quote I got back in November:

Dear Gnokii,
It is very interesting, but Fedora is not the one which matches with our students studying.
Therefore, I was wondering if you could offer our CentOS, it will be the best for us.

Best regards,


I never signed a mail as gnokii to them, that shows their level of education. I will try it again, actually I try to contact their “External Relations Manager” which I have amongst my friends on facebook but no luck so far. So I might write again and try to setup a meeting with Maud Lhuillier as head of PN in Asia. I have a bit of a wild idea, so let’s see if this works out. So let’s see….

So as you can see, there is a lot going on even something doesnt happen, so how wants Mindshare measure if there is activity or not?

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