Happy Open Data Day

März 2nd, 2019 von buergermeister

First of March is Open Data Day, at least it was here in Phnom Penh. So I did join the local event organized by Open Development Cambodia. Actually I decided to join because it was announced as a Hackathon unfortunately people in Asia or at least here in Cambodia understand with this always something else. So it was lesser a day on working with open data and help people processing them as a day full of talks, with an ending of a short hackathon.

Except the first talk, about open source social media tools from John Weeks all talks been in khmer (thats why I stay away from such events) Johns talk can be easily summarized – https://deleteyourfacebook.today/. For me the only sad thing is tootle as desktop client isnt packaged for Fedora yet, but maybe saying this here changes it. Next talk was from Vimoil, she did gave an 101 about Open Data, following with the slides I would have only to add that interoperability and machine processability base on the use of Open Standards and Open Formats. Otherwise it was a good 101. It followed a panel discussion about “Tracking Public Money Flow” very boring for me, because in khmer and sorry the introductional slides been very uninformative.

After the coffee break a talk about the Concept of Data Driven Journalism was following, not just that the speaker did mess up, what a statement is but to say that PDF is evil and you should use XLS instead, was to much for me. I really had to say that you can not compare a document format with a spreadsheet. And comparing an at least ISO normed file format with something proprietary like XLS is not funny anymore. Before the hackathon started there been two other talks. Punwaths talk been the important talk, he did show where you can get data from and how to process data. As it was more an demonstration as talk with slides I was totally off.

Then the hackathon started, as I did not get Punwaths talk I needed an update from him what the task is, next handicap was that all the data we had must be translated for me to english which took a lot of time. So no chance to be the winning team. But all in all it was a day of fun and I moved also some Fedora things on, as the Opendevelopment community has some things with in common and is interested in FOSS. There are some things cooking.

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