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März 25th, 2016 von buergermeister

Its more then a month ago, that I opened the Contest for finding the Supplemental Wallpaper for Fedora 24. Its time to give a little inside view and current score, what is going on.

What was new this time was the limitation of submission a single user can do, and so far it suffused what it was expected to do. The quality is significant higher. Also the rejects are this time, much lower, just 2 this time after we had for Fedora 23 a new record. But I have to say its again, that some would look really look better with a little bit of work on the picture. I really hope we can integrate the “mentoring process” soon into Nuancier. The mentors group already exists, and it would raise the quality of the wallpaper more. Here are my 5 favorites so far:

So far we have 99 submissions, and 97 are valid. 53 badges for contributions are handed out, but a lot of contributors have no badges account, and the most of them are fresh contributors. But there is still time for submissions, until 11th of April. So go make your contribution, if you not have done it yet!

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    1. enaut Sagt:

      Woah cool I made it to your top 5 :D

      The Wintertree is mine but I have no badge yet :(

    2. buergermeister Sagt:

      ernaut, I can only award the badge when an badges account exists, when the username there is different it fails all existing one get it, I try it with each, if I get an 404 user doesnt exist

    3. Vineet Tuli Sagt:

      Hi, I submitted two wallpapers. I have a small query, How do we know that the submission is successful or not?

    4. buergermeister Sagt:

      @vineet you get a notice via mail, when I moderate them. Yes the upload on it sucks a bit as you dont know if it was sucessfull. I hope we find a solution for that soon but its complicated as the pictures are huge.

    5. Vineet Tuli Sagt:

      Thanks a lot. The wallpapers have been approved and I received my badge…

      Waiting for the election now.

    6. enaut Sagt:

      @buergermeister, Thanks I did get my badge now :)

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