Chemnitzer Linux-Tage 2015

März 24th, 2015 von buergermeister

Last weekend there was Chemnitzer Linux-Tage, after the dead of LinuxTag in Berlin, Germany’s largest event around Linux and Open Source. I got to this event since the begin and it was like always a lot of visitors, even it was a little bit lsser this year as the years before. I had this year als only one talk, together with Robert Scheck.

So I had more time for conversations and the booth, which was as always good vistited. We did as the last 3 years also present an 3D printer but we was not the only ones, s time for a new idea. But the people have still interest in it. So we had a lot of conversations an handed out a lot of DVD and stickers.

P.S. if another Fedora Ambassador needs the slides, they can be found here

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2 Kommentare

  1. Máirín Duffy Sagt:

    I LOVE your slides for this talk, they are so awesome…

  2. LinuxTag team Sagt:

    Hi there! We just wanted to say: LinuxTag is not “dead”. True is: There is no LinuxTag 2015 in the known way, that’s what we said. We really needed a break. What we are doing this year: We support other Linux events like Open Tech Summit and FrosCon. Rock on! The LinuxTag e.V.

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