9th FrOSCon

September 2nd, 2014 von buergermeister

9th FrOSCon took its place on 23rd and 24th of August, it was my 8th time I did visit that event. I was for the whole weekend at the Fedora booth, I brought from Flock enough media and swag for the event. I also transported again the rollup through the train, which is hard as I have to change the train several times and together with swag its a lot to carry. Christoph brought also the rollup from Berlin so we had this time 2. Felix brought again the 3D-printer, so we had a good equipped booth. During the 2 days of the conference we had a lot of conversations with people and handed out a lot of DVD. There was not so many visitors as in the years before, FrOSCon is one of the events you dont see how many are there as there areal for the event is a huge one. There are people you dont see the whole day as they sitting in one of the DevRooms during the day. I was very often on FrOSCon but as always I didnt hear any talk, I never heard one there, isnt that crazy? On the end FrOSCon was a nice event as always and I am looking forward for its 10th edition.

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