LinuxTag 2013

Mai 27th, 2013 von buergermeister

LinuxTag 2013 is over now since two days and most of us are back home. So it’s time to write down a conclusion. LinuxTag was this year a little bit of everything, good things and bad things. First of all the area where the exhibition always was, was not the same anymore. It was down in the cellar. That is positive as negative. For the exhibitors its nicer as normally it was always hot weather and hot inside, in the cellar is more cool. The rooms for the talks was also moved to the cellar, so all of the rooms except for the workshop and meeting rooms was on one floor. That was really visible during the breaks, there was definitely more people inside the exhibition area. So on the end we gave out twice more of DVD. As we had again a 3D printer on the booth we had a lot of visitors, they still attract the people. Opposite to that OLPC and RaspberryPi don’t are that interesting to the people anymore.

We had a lot of conversations on the booth, most of course was about 3D printing and what it has to do with Fedora, but like always there was some conversations about how to get a special software into the Fedora repositories. We was a lot of people on the booth and we needed them all so thanks go to Jens Kühnel, Dominic Hopf, Sebastian Mäki, Jiri Eischmann, Miro Hroncok, Francesco Vollero and especially to Alexandra Fedorova (who did notice there is a event on thursday and joined as just for saturday).

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