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Mai 6th, 2013 von buergermeister

Linuxwochen 2013 in Vienna are over now, it was 3 days with a lot of talks. The program had 100 different talks and workshops and most of them was really filled up. As the Linuxwochen was this year in the new building of UAS Vienna, there was plenty of space for the exhibition, but not a lot of booths. Hopefully there will be more next year otherwise the exhibition is not interesting. Otherwise we had a lot of conversations and the 3D printer rocked again.
Personally I had 3 talks and 3 workshops, my talks was scheduled all for the first day. The talk about doing animations with Linux and Open Source was well visited and also the following talk about how to do slides with Inkscape. Interesting for me I doing this talk since over 3 years and its still new to the people, that it can be done. Last talk at that day was the introducion of the Fedora Design Suite and as it was the last talk on the day, there was not so lot of people as in my other talks.
On friday I had the first workshop at 2pm and it was good visited, there was 22 people and that is the optimal amount of people. For this workshop I had to switch to english as there was guests from aborad. If there is more interest in Brno, we can also do one of my Inkscape weekends there. The other two workshops I had on saturday beginning in the morning with the Blender one after a short lunch break the second Inkscape workshop followed. Also here they was filled up.
The system for the schedule the Linuxwochen use allows the visitors to vote for the talks and the speaker can see them, so I looked yesterday if I have comments on my talks and workshop and I already had for most of them good votes and comments. One comment said it’s already time that somebody starts to talk about how to do animations with Linux and Open Source. Actually I think about doing an workshop for that but the problem is, it’s for users and as Tupi isnt packaged for Fedora or openSUSE yet, it’s not possible. For Debian and Ubuntu there are packages but they are outdated. So we will see if in the future also workshops for animations can be done. So on the end Linuxwochen was a good event for me and I think I will be there 2014 again.

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2 Kommentare

  1. sebix Sagt:

    Nice to hear that you will join us next year again!
    It was a great pleasure for all to have you at this conference and I appreciate you and all your lectures and workshops, you have done them very well, thank you!
    I don’t know any other (vector-) graphic artist in the german-speaking OSS-world who shares as much knowledge and experience as you!

  2. raphgro Sagt:


    I can fully subscribe to your conclusion. Maybe people should be attracted to stay longer on such events to give the late talkers the same chance to have more visitors as the talks in the middle of those days.

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