The Winners! – Fedora 19 Supplemental Wallpaper

April 20th, 2013 von buergermeister

A few hours ago the voting for the Supplemental Wallpapers for Fedora 19 ended. This time we had not so much submissions like for Fedora 18 but still enough to make it hard to vote. So it’s time to present the results. If you are interested in the totally results, you will find them here.

I am happy, that we also got this time submissions from people they are not amongst the Fedora contributors yet. But also the submissions from our contributors was damn good. So I looking forward for the Supplemental Wallpaper Contest for Fedora 20.

But for doing it, I need some help. During this contest a lot of problems became visible, the wiki isnt a good place to do it and also our voting application isnt written to handle so much candidates. It looks we need a new application for it, in case you are interested writing such one – join the design channel and speak to me.

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    1. hadrons123 Sagt:

      how do I install this wallpapers in Fedora rahwide?

    2. Fedora 19 Wallpapers Released Download Now Sagt:

      [...] wallpapers for fedora 19 is ready. Fedora 19 will be released on July 2013. buergermeister announced in his blog the results of voting for Supplemental Wallpapers for F19. 16 amazing wallpapers are [...]

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