LibreGraphicsMeeting 2013 day 3

April 15th, 2013 von buergermeister

Saturday was the last the of LibreGraphicsMeeting 2013 in Madrid, the day started for me with an talk who was done via internet – The GIMP Magazin. I attended also Tav’s talk about the future things in Inkscape as there is really movenment changing the internal render engine. I had spoken with Tav at the party on the evening before about some things. Next talk for me was Jimmac’s talk how he misused Blender for doing the the introduction videos for GNOME. His talk ended like always ;)

After the last talk the “closing session” followed and there are a lot of changes in organizing LibreGraphicsMeeting in the future, we discussed some things. What I found very interesting is that Ale Rimoldi played the protector of the poor people, he said we should recignize that some cant afford to buy the ticket before and get later reimbursed. Find that very interesting as I went last year to him asking if that can be done for Gustav Gonzalez he was strict against it. Everything else I had as point was said from other people. So there will be some good changes in the future. We had later an organizing meeting for people who interested to help organizing LGM and it ended with nice ideas. As possible places for next year are Montreal/Canada, Medellin/Colombia, Buenes Aires/Argentina and Leipzig/Germany as possible hosts for next LGM version. And there will be a competition, means who makes the best proposals and presents the best solutions will get it. That session took a long time, but I am sure the changes are a big step forward in the right direction.

After that we went to an short bring your own food party and it was very nice, because a lot of nice discussions went on there. As Chris Murphy attended the LGM and also Pippin from GIMP we had a lot of time to speak about where to do the next Color Management Hackfest and we think Norway would be an good option as we could use the color lab, with the tools we need for driving CM on Linux forward. After Norway we think its the best option to make the CM Hackfest combined with LGM as there are lot of color people around and also applications that could be interested and need help. So on the end it was a nice week, with nice people a lot of new informations and nice results. Thx to all sponors to help to make that meeting happen and also thx to Fedora for sponsoring me.

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