LibreGraphicsMeeting 2013 day 1

April 12th, 2013 von buergermeister

Today was the second day of LibreGraphicsMeeting in Madrid. I did not attend a lot of talks as I used the time, to speak with some people. Gustav Gonzalez and me had also the time to speak with Nina Paley an present Tupi to her. She likes the simplicity of the GUI but find it to embryonic in the features. Yesterday she tried to use Synfig and think the learning curve is to high for using it. But Inkscape at least she likes, she wishes it would support animations, so I told her from the plans Andy Fitz had once.

Rest of the day I attended the Krita workshop from Animtim, he showed Kritas newest thing called Krita Sketch, actually I like the simple GUI more then Krita as desktop version. But I met also other people, I had short time to talk with Robert Martinez, who works together with me on OCAL, mabye we put in in the lightning talks a short about the next version of OCAL showing how it will look like.

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