Schroedingers Cat will be beautiful

März 15th, 2013 von buergermeister

A few weeks ago, we started the submission phase for the Supplemental Wallpapers for Fedora 19Schrödingers Cat“, normally there would be the half of the submission phase. So time to make a status report, but the good news is we can expand the deadline for submissions to 10th of April.

We’ve definitely got some awesome contributions and this are my personal favorites right now.

But that is just me, remember this time all Fedora contributors can vote. For participating with wallpapers simple submit them to the wiki (if you have problems with it, contact me gnokii@fpo). But watch for the regulations and licenses. One thing is definitely for sure, Fedora 19 will look awesome & beautiful. We’ll have an awesome default wallpaper, a reworked boot process, and a guaranteed nice set of supplemental wallpapers.

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