LGM travel campaign update

Februar 21st, 2013 von buergermeister

It’s time to report about the LibreGraphicsMeeting travel campaign for Gustav, Onyeibo and Tatica. Thanks to some big donations we have 50% of the sum now. We bought the tickets for Gustav a few days ago (thanks to Jared Smith who helped us booking) and thanks to that his visa request is now processed. Hopefully he gets it in a few days. Ungrateful to get one is not cheap 46€/60$, you have also to pay a fee on the airport for leaving the country. He borrowed the money so that he can pay that yet. We collected enough to give him that back and pay also his accommodation.

We booked also the apartment a few days ago, unfortunately we had not enough money on the pledgie for paying the deposit, so I prepaid it as we needed an proof of an accommodation also for the visa request. So now if Gustav gets a visa he will be definitive at LibreGraphicsMeeting this year.

But there are also sad news, as we did not collect enough for sending Onyeibo Oku also to Madrid, he needed also a visa what meant a flight ticket and booked accommodation for getting it.

So now the pledgie isn’t finished yet as there is still some money to collect for Tatica hopefully some more Fedora friends will help her, I am sure they will get something in return if they wish.

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