Call For Supplemental Wallpaper Submissions

Februar 20th, 2013 von buergermeister

The Design Team is still working on the default wallpaper and design for Fedora’s next version, called “Schrödingers Cat“. We had two public brainstorm sessions and a lot of nice ideas came out: if you want to participate, Mizmo collected the ideas in a Pinterest board.

But that is not the only way you can contribute to Fedora 19. In addition to the default wallpaper, each Fedora version has a package with so called ‘Supplemental Wallpapers,’ submitted by the community. From these submissions, the Design Team traditionally chooses the best (here you can find the for Fedora 18 chosen ones.) This time, not only the design team will vote for the best ones – all Fedora contributors can vote. But first, we need your submissions. So how do you do that?

First there are some rules. Here are the technical specifications:

  • Submitted wallpapers must use a format that can be read by software available in Fedora Package Collection. Preferred image formats include SVG and PNG.
  • Master files, which may be further edited, should be maintained in non-lossy formats. Preserving vector graphics, raster layers, and channels is important for such materials.
  • Originals for landscape formats must be a minimum of 1600 pixels wide and 1200 pixels high. The larger the better. Photographic submissions should be made at the highest resolution the camera is capable of.
  • Submitted wallpapers should be provided in a 16 x 9 aspect ratio when possible.
  • No watermarks, signatures, photographer/creator names, or messages may be included in any part of the work. However if the license allows, and the photo is compelling enough, we could remove watermarks.

Now here are the organizational rules:

  • Submissions must not contain material that violates or infringes another’s rights, including but not limited to privacy, publicity or intellectual property rights, or that constitutes copyright infringement. If your submissions include or derive from artwork created by other people, please make sure the license of the original work you incorporate is compatible with Fedora and that you are not violating any of the provisions of its license. Just because a work is licensed with a Creative Commons license does not mean it is free to use (make sure you provide attribution to artists that license their work with a CC Attribution clause.)
  • Submission should have the consent and approval of the author or creator
  • Submissions re thereby licensed to the public for reuse under CC-BY-SA unless specifically identified as being licensed by another approved liberal open source license. See a list of approved licenses for Fedora. Note that we can not accept NC or ND submissions.

The deadline until you can submit your artwork is the March 31 2013 at 23:59 UTC. You can submit your material directly to the wiki: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F19_Artwork/Submissions/Supplemental_Wallpapers. For further questions, you can send me a mail gnokii@fedoraproject.org. We are looking forward to many great submissions…

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