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Februar 5th, 2013 von buergermeister

In october I started a campaign, collecting some money for some people so that they can go to the next LibreGraphicsMeeting in Madrid. So the deadline for two of the persons is very near, only 10 days. At 15th the have to apply for an visa and for that they need the flight tickets and an accomodation. So far we collected 721 US$ on pledgie, that are 660 US$ after the fees. It’s not enough to send one of the 3 persons. As I stated before Gustav Gonzalez goes first but for him we need arround 100 US$ so that we can book the flights. For him the LibreGraphicsMeeting becomes more important as before. Some might know Nina Paley and/or her famous “Sita Sings The Blues“, four days ago she wrote a blogpost willing to migrate to an open source tool in the future, if there would be one. As you can see in the comments, nobody considers Tupi as tool. A lot of the mentioned tools arrent open source, wtf. Nina himself will go to the next LibreGraphicsMeeting and submited a talk there as an plea for an easy to use open source 2D animation tool, what of an coincidence. The only thing what is between a meeting of award-winning animator Nina Paley and Gustav as the author of an easy to use 2D animation tool are 100 US$.

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