F19 Design Brainstorm Meeting

Februar 2nd, 2013 von buergermeister

The Fedora Design Team met yesterday in his IRC channel for a first brainstorming for Fedoras next version Schrödingers Cat. We had two major ideas, how Schrödingers Cat could represented in the design. First one is Schrödingers Cat is a thing between alive and dead, which are the opposite. That can be represented in the design with contrast or something like that. The second idea is boxes as the cat was in a box.

We collected some ideas arround the ideas and Mizmo putted them on a pinterest board. Some of them are really interesting and definitly worth to work on them.

I started working during the session on a mockup for one of the ideas, it can be found on the pinterest board. I even worked during last night more on it and so it looks now.

In case you are interested to work also on that idea, the source file can be found here. It’s mainly to find the right color combination, lighting and camera position. The modelling isnt to complicated its only the default cube with a lot of modifiers.

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