Schroedingers Zombie Cat

Januar 26th, 2013 von buergermeister

If it is dead and still alive it must be a zombie! In case you search for a cool “Fedora 19″ shirt getdigital a german company for geek stuff has a new shirt in his sortiment, Schroedingers Zombie Cat. Maybe I should draw something similar in blue….

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1 Kommentar

  1. OS diver Sagt:

    That equation for the “ψ” vector (for hysterical reasons also known as the “wavefunction”) is not very nice.

    The cat can be considered a qubit, a superposition of states “|Dead>” and “|Alive>”. These states can be superposed, so the cat can be either fully “|Dead>”, fully “|Alive>” or a weighted sum of both extrema, with the weights being complex numbers (c1,c2). (c1,c2) is a vector in ℂ² of length 1. If the cat is a Zombie in addition to being both dead and alive, does this mean we have a tristate quantum bit? Maybe…

    Anyway, the formula for the Bloch Sphere should be applied


    ψ =
    cos(θ/2) * |Dead>
    e^(i*φ) * sin(θ/2) * |Alive>

    Very simple!

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