Day 2 Ubucon

Oktober 22nd, 2012 von buergermeister

Today was the second day of the german ubucon. As expected it was a little quieter today, it looks on sunday not a lot of ubuntu users like to visit talks or workshops. But some of the LibreOffice folks showed up today as there was also a LibreOffice Development workshop. I only had one workshop today. I did exchange the slot with another one so I got the slot in the morning and as expected there was not a lot of participants. But on the end that was not bad as so all participants had more time for learning and get some things explained.
We will see if I go to next years Ubucon also, but I have a feeling I should also offer an GIMP workshop again. I had a strange feeling about the GIMP workshop from this program, I don’t find its the right way to show new users only a thing like GMic they learn nothing with it as using functions of it. And it looks I had right because all participants including the speaker had an hour later done with the workshop. Sorry if there will be a workshop from me next year I will not exchange the slots and take the morning time so that another one gets the better slot I don’t use it really.
So for me on the end is was not bad going to the Ubucon again, as I wrote yesterday I handed some Fedora DVD out and saw also some running. One thing is clear on this community driven event are not the “fanboys” and things are not discussed on an emotional layer. So we will see where the Ubucon next year will be after the tradition the should be also in Berlin at the HWTK. The location wasn’t that bad, a little bit better organized and the Ubucon would reach the level she had the year before.

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    1. Guido Scholz Sagt:

      Hallo Sirko,
      bei beiden Workshops hast du uns Teilnehmern dein neues Buch “Inkscape Praxisbuch” mehrfach wärmstens ans Herz gelegt. Ich wolle es heute gleich bestellen, musste aber feststellen, dass es noch nicht erschienen ist. Gibt es vom Verlag einen konkreten Erscheinungstermin?

    2. buergermeister Sagt:

      Ja der derzeitige Veröffentlichungstermin ist der 14. Dezember.

    3. nicu Sagt:

      At a general-purpose conference how Ubucon is, probably a GIMP workshop is better received, while Inkscape is awesome and allow you to do amazing things with it, GIMP is something that more common people will need to use.
      Also, since there are people with different backgrounds and different levels of expertise, is difficult to make all of them happy.
      And… if what you are talking is mostly G’MIC, then that is not a GIMP workshop but a G’MIC workshop.

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