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September 11th, 2012 von buergermeister

The submission phase for supplemental wallpaper ended already last week. We got this time 65 submissions, not the biggest sum we ever had but the biggest since a few releases. Also this time the quality of the submissions was very good, which made it not easy for the Design Team to decide which should be the choosen. The submissions came from 20 people some submitted only one, some more. Now the Design Team has voted and the results are there. So let us take a look at what will be in the supplemental wallpaper package.


The first one called “Churi” is a submission from Kushal Das – damn if I am honest, that was even my favorite. I like the colors. The next called “Vienna Nights” comes from our own Nicubunu and was taken during the last LibreGraphicsMeeting in Vienna. The “Pink Flower” comes from Cleide Isabel, who contributed her first time to Fedora but I am sure it will be not the last time. She also has two other wallpaper in the package “Patagonia” and “Caminhos”. The really confusing structure on the next wallpaper is somewhere in Duisburg and was submitted by Charly Kühnast, german users might know him more as columnist from LinuxMagazin, but he also does amazing photographs. And because it is so one more of his submissions called “Calluna” was selected. The Lighthouse on the next wallpaper in that really amazing waves was shoot from Francisco Crippa. The next wallpaper comes from Diego Turtulici who normally contributes more to Mageia and Ubuntu, think he submitted two good wallpapers and the one called “Trama calda” was selected. The next one called “Calm” speaks for itself and comes from Harald Hoyer, who contributed also that amazing widescreen wallpaper on the end of this article called “Bastorf Lighthouse”. Sylvain Naudin submitted first one wallpaper unfortunatly the same wallpaper was choosen from Ubuntu for his next version, but everything he submitted after that was even better and so his snowy landscape called “Lioran” and his submission “Luminaire” was selected. Last wallpaper called “Giza At My Roof” and “Schmetterling” came both from our own Tatica.

If you are interested in all the other submissions you find them in the wiki, and I am sure you will also get to the conclusion it wasnt an easy job to decide. For the next collecting for Fedora 19, there will be some changes so stay tuned.

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    1. Stephane Sagt:

      I always prefer photos over artworks for wallpapers.
      Those ones are superb!

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    3. Sylvain Sagt:

      Thank you ! I’m very happy to be part of F18 :)

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