Fake Tilt Shift with Inkscape

September 9th, 2012 von buergermeister

A while ago I did a screencast to show that Inkscape has some capabilities for editing raster graphics. I also explained in the video the differences between masks and clip paths. But the screencast was in german and so some people asked me in IRC if I can do it in english also. Now I had some time and did it.


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    1. nicu Sagt:

      I have two issues with this screencast:
      - the first minute is an introductory talk comparing it to a previous screencast in German, I can start the video from minute 1:20 and not miss anything;
      - you do most of the operation with the image zoomed-out a lot, for the viewer it looks like a thumbnail in the middle of a large white canvas. You could have worked at a different zoom level.

      And I am not sure why did you put the -5 pixels border, it is effectively like cropping the image.

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