Spherical Cow needs a face

August 1st, 2012 von buergermeister

A german floss news page wrote yesterday that Fedora 18 has his shape now. What it still misses is a face and thats not so an easy task with an name like Spherical Cow. Some might read Mizmo’s post about the things that happend yesterday arround the design for Fedora 18. We had yesterday a little brainstorming what to do and it turned into an hackfest and things moved forward. There are some ideas for the design for “cosmic cow”, you can all see them in the post from Mizmo.

But I like to talk a little bit more about mine. In Vienna I saw at the Fedora booth the game OSMOS running, I dont know whats the game about but it creates beautiful spheres and I saw them and thaught thats how spherical cows look like. Gergely took a screenshot of some of them and reminded me yesterday on that idea. So I tried yesterday to create similar spheres with Inkscape. My creation turned out a little bit more “electrical” looking, but thats not bad because electricity is power and Fedora has power.

So thats the status now and right now, I am unhappy with. Especially with the background which contains simple formulas from quantum computing (which should be a cow) e.g. of a qubit. I am also unhappy with the colors. So maybe someone has a idea which brings me forward. You can find the source for playing with it on my fpo account.

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    1. Rezza Sagt:

      What I really don’t like are the white bright spots. The meaning of wallpaper changed a lot in Fedora with Plasma (especially Netbook/Active) and Shell – it’s now workspace background and it should reflect this change.

      But I like the idea of quantum computing formulas!!!

    2. buergermeister Sagt:

      yes, I dont like them also to bright, I know I am experimenting how make them not so bright.

    3. johannes Sagt:

      What if you make the white core smaller and create a little bubble around it which is as big as the white core is now.
      Something perhaps similar to this picture from half-life:
      Otherwise I really like this background and would love to see it in f18.


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