status update on Tatica travels to LGM

Februar 27th, 2012 von buergermeister

A month ago I asked for help with collecting some money for support Tatica that she can go to LibreGraphicsMeeting in Vienna. Time for make an little status report. We have 38 donations until yet and raised 1,257.00$. Also time to say thx to many people like Bert Desmet, Christoph Wickert, Ankur Sinha, Jaroslav Reznik, Emily Dirsh and many many more. Even from the openSUSEcommunity and Libre Graphics Meeting folks came some money.

So whats the status now? As I said we raised 1257$ on Pledgie, but that means not we have so much, because Pledgie gets 3% and Paypal gets also 2,9% and 0.30$ for each donation. That means we raised 1171,44$ right now. Thats not enough for the flight tickets, I searched with Tatica for tickets and the cheapest we found was a flight from Iberia for 1072€ what means 1436,48 US$. But we already missed the point for booking this flight, now tickets are arround 1120€ what means arround 1500US$. At least we have to pay maybe some money to Paypal for exchange from $ to €. So we still need some money only for booking the flights. So plz help us to raise this money. The Pledgie campaign can be found here.

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    1. immerderselbe Sagt:

      Hast du es schon bei swoodoo.com probiert ?
      Über DE natürlich, weil direkt nach OE viel zu teuer ist.

    2. buergermeister Sagt:

      ich schau lieber gleich bei cheaptickets, wobei swoodoo die tickets von Iberia noch anzeigt ;) Ähm, über DE wäre teurer, weil die Flüge ja via Madrid, London oder Paris gehen. Kein Mensch fliegt von da erst nach D und dann nach OE

    3. nicu Sagt:

      IIRC, you pay a little for the currency conversion, the problem is, it will be made at a very poor exchange rate

    4. buergermeister Sagt:

      yes Nicu I know we calculated it yesterday.

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