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November 4th, 2011 von buergermeister

I just finished my slides for the talk tomorrow and next week. Its a talk about how you can contribute to Fedora even when you havent programming skills. I doing my slides with Inkscape, so its an SVG and you can simple view it in a browser. And you can change it easy to.

The slides contains simple what different teams doing and the steps to become part of them. So easy to change the content to another language and make that talk on an other event. If you like doing this, you can ask me for help changing some graphics.

P.S. Because someone already asked for it, License

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    1. Mel Chua Sagt:

      This is awesome! I would love to adapt the slides, but couldn’t find anything other than the picture you are showing in your blog post. Where can we download the rest of the slides?

    2. buergermeister Sagt:

      its all in that one file, its done with JessyInk in the old-fashion way. Look for the layers ;)

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