are they to cute ???

Juli 15th, 2011 von buergermeister

There goes something on, there are wishes to illustrate the processes for the different ways to contribute to Fedora better or should I say how to join the teams. There was some discussions about it on FUDCon in Panama. After that Tatica came to me and asked if I can draw some cute characters for that. So I begun to work and now the most of the work is done. Now the EMEA ambassadors asked in their last meeting, to bringing that forward. Now after some recognized my characters, there came up some voices if I would be the right thing to use such “kids” for doing that.

So I may introduce some (not all are done yet) of the characters and asking you for your opinion on that topic. So is that ok, with you or should we go more for “adult” characters? So tell us your opinion!

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    1. Ardian Sagt:

      Really cool I like them

    2. Máirín Duffy Sagt:

      Hi gnokii! :)

      I think they are wonderful, I think that as long as we are careful with the treatment they will work quite well. We try to give a friendly face for Fedora, and they definitely seem to be very friendly and welcoming kids!

      I was working with your SVG file tonight, I hope you don’t mind. I came up with an idea, maybe have a postcard printed for each kid, with information on the back about the kid’s Fedora team. Here’s a quick mockup:


      The SVG source is:


      I hope you don’t mind, I gave the girl a new hairstyle :)

    3. nicu Sagt:

      there is no such thing as “too cute”

    4. twohot Sagt:

      +1 for Grown-Ups/Adults … OR a mixture of both in acceptable proportions. Ambassadors do serious work and target people like System Administrators, Computer Scientists, Educators, Analysts. Mostly grown-ups (not that we don’t want the kids but its more rewarding to catch those who deal with kids and let them do their thing)

    5. twohot Sagt:

      follow up to my comment:
      Unless, fedorians prefer to ignore the computer users of today and concentrate on future users then that front is totally cool. We should be considering a wide spectrum of visitors to those pages. First impression matters

    6. buergermeister Sagt:


      Yeah, ur hairstyle looks a way better. Didnt u see we searched for the right haistyle. First I tried to give her a kind of Pippi Longstocking tails, because she was a taff girl, it looked always ugly. Then I drawed that hairstyle but was never really happy with, But this now hits it.

      I also like the “step forward come out of the grey mass” mockup, yeah its cool. Let us see what the others mean

    7. buergermeister Sagt:

      @twohot I fear u try to see that to realistic. Its not an question if the most system admins, computer scientists and so on are grown-ups.

      The problem of most people is, that they think its hard to contribute to an floss project, because u have to be a good programmer. So they think there is an high level for enter. Using kids makes it clear that, that isnt true.

      Would I use ur argument about computer user, then I had definitly to choose kids. Here the young ones are always better with new technologies as the old ones.

      Btw. I had an radio session once with Max Spevack and Paul Frields. We talked a little bit about ongoing FUDCon in Berlin and about FUDCon in general. Max came up with an story about an mother that called him before a FUDCon saying, that he have to watch that her son does not drink beer or least not to much. And he wondered about that and asked himself why he should watch that the guy drinks not to much. On FUDCon then he realized that the guy was a 15 years old boy ;) And he did since 2 years the job, so was 13 as he begun.

    8. twohot Sagt:


      You put up a persuasive argument. I give you that …. but, you miss my point of view. I am pro-cartoon figures but they have to be tailored to suit the audience, and that ‘audience’ is broad! They range from kiddies to grannies. So, what I’m saying is … we need to carefully choose images that majority of the visitors can identify with or else it begins to favour only part of the spectrum.

      One way to do that is to mix Adult Cartoon figures with the younger ones and alter the styling and perspective a bit. Maybe I’ll have to pull out my wacom tablet and draw something ;)

    9. Contribute or die : Karl-Tux-Stadt Sagt:

      [...] can contribute to FLOSS even he cant program. I will show that with Fedora as example. I used my characters I made a while ago and Mizmos post card idea for my slides. Of course I will upload them later to my space at [...]

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