Running for Board

Januar 4th, 2011 von buergermeister

Some time ago I got nominated for the election of the openSUSE Board and a few days later I got the message from the election committee. Since then I had some time to think about it and today is the last day for make a decision to run.
I also watched who step forward and made my decision depending who candidates. Would there be from my point of view enough candidates who contributed enough in a good way and constant. There are some but not enough, and some cant get elected, when the other person is elected. So I have to step forward and candidate.

I don’t write how long I use Linux or openSUSE or such stuff. I write better for what I stand. More democracy, make it easier to contribute, give honor to them they deserve it. I already have to say to that points something, but that we do better in the IRC session, what should be made. You can already ask me here to, the comments are open.  And btw. I am not a bad cop or  I play a role. I am what I am, direct and honest

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    1. Sankar Sagt:

      All the best.

    2. buergermeister Sagt:

      thx Sankar