openSUSE 11.4 – Color trouble

Dezember 21st, 2010 von buergermeister

If you have the last Milestone of openSUSE, thats already number 5,  installed then you can take a look into the history. You would see a dark splash as I planned them long time ago. You also see the KDM in the color I planned in August.

2 weeks ago Coolo asked for some artwork for integrate it into the next Milestone, a weekend with lot of work, for Javier and me. After that some people woke up. First the KDE team wanted the color changed to celadon, whats also is the codename for 11.4. Thats ok for me, its there choice and it would be work with the grey what I planned for the GNOME side.

But now the GNOME team also want it changed. And that becomes now harder to do. There are some possibilities and also some borders for the work. Right now there is a little discussion on the mailinglist. But the default background of GNOME would be definitly not happen, he is nice but the blue works not with the celadon green tone. Also change that background to celadon green, wouldnt work because I have to choose one of the backgrounds for the bootsplash. Hope they find a solution I can work with. I would prefer a grey one, with a celadon geeko on it and change the green tone in sonar to celadon green also.

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    1. Vincent Untz Sagt:

      Just to clarify: I don’t think we should use the upstream GNOME background for 11.4. It’s specifically for GNOME 3, and we won’t have it by default in 11.4, so it doesn’t make sense.

    2. buergermeister Sagt:

      yeah vuntz isnt so easy, to find a design what all sides of ur distro respects and looks consistent. Have to say, that there the GNOME team show more sense for it as some others. But we have to fine a solution. Have to make a lot of stuff until the new year with it. DVD Cover, Launch Party Poster, Counter…..

    3. kkirill Sagt:

      Could you please share your vision of default Gnome desktop for oS 11.4 like it can be seen here for oS 11.2: http://jimmac.musichall.cz/images/blog/theme-112-gilouche.png

    4. buergermeister Sagt:

      @kkirill there is an link to it in this article!

    5. kkirill Sagt:

      Sorry, but I can find only gray GNOME background. I don’t like that gray Sonar panel fades with it, do you?

    6. alvanx Sagt:

      I actually love the celadon best. It will be a nice change!

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