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Dezember 4th, 2010 von buergermeister

I working since a few weeks on a series, that can represent openSUSE and they other software from us in the future. They are still not all ready yet only what I have in mind, nearly all need some improvements. So what yout think, I am on the right way with this?
Dont look at the text on them, thats then really up to the marketing guys.
What I want to show is, that openSUSE is more as a distribution we have cool tools for creating software and some cool derivates too. I try to show some of cool feature that openSUSE have. So what u think?

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    1. Yury Sagt:

      I very like it, thanks a lot for you work!

      Additionally I suggest to illustrate a very nice thing that you can make from openSUSE , for example, a productive hosting server or a shiny desktop, meaning that openSUSE has a great customization ability for a current task.

    2. buergermeister Sagt:

      yeah, the flexibility I liked to draw too. So I expermented with a spring as sign for it but it didnt look really nice, so I searched for an other motif

      But netbook, a desktop and a server could represent the flexibility, I should try that

    3. Richard Sagt:

      Why the red as background color? I don’t associate red with openSUSE.

    4. IBBoard Sagt:

      Overall I think they’re great – some nice imagery and a good style. The only one I’m not sure about is the fourth one on the top row. I’m guessing you were going for a medical link because of an “open source helping people and being best for everyone” link, but the syringe is really off-putting IMO.

      Also, I like the geek joke in the maths on the chalk board, but I don’t know if everyone else will understand that you’re working in binary. I’m sure some people will just think that you can’t add up!

    5. buergermeister Sagt:

      @Richard there are two reasons for, first it underlines there is more then the distribution as u see there are things like the OBS on that posters. And second u can not put all colors on that green, so the WebYaST logo looks totally ugly on the green

      @IBBoard we already have a medical spin

    6. Eric Yeoh Sagt:

      Awesome stuff. Would it be possible for me to have the SVG version so that I can proceed to have it printed for buntings and posters? Thanks…

    7. buergermeister Sagt:

      @Eric when they are done, the sources are available at gitorius. There would be also some printing ready in the different languages/sizes

      But as u see, they are not ready yet, the text isnt done and some drawings I have do to also, e.g give the netbook a keyboard

    8. nelson marques Sagt:

      It’s good Sirko, I’ve already told you what I think about this…

      …but… I think you missed the most important feature of all… the people… the openSUSE Community. We shouldn’t just advertise our engineering and cool software within our distro… we should advertise all the people that make it happen… so could add an extra poster for the community?

    9. Eric Yeoh Sagt:

      @buergemeister Thanks…awesome job and will look forward to its availability.

    10. AlbertoP Sagt:

      I like the style, but I have two comments:

      - The chameleon should be green, not red, in the top-left one.

      - The red is too close to Red Hat branding colour. I would use the openSUSE orange, which also looks “happier” ;-)

    11. AlbertoP Sagt:

      Other consideration. Since the “red” set refers to the build service, which is identified by the grey button on the website, that could be an option too, even if a bit dark.

    12. Sascha Peilicke Sagt:

      Really cool stuff!

    13. buergermeister Sagt:

      @AlbertoP I am not so lucky with the red too, tried the orange it looks ugly. So I experimenting still whats the best combination.

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    15. CarlosRibeiro Sagt:


      Congratulaions, really good work!

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    17. openLHAG Sagt:

      Nice! Very Nice!
      I like the pictures and saved them on my harddrive. This is what openSUSE need, I think.
      You anounced your work in the mailing list, right?

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