OpenRheinRuhr 2010

November 15th, 2010 von buergermeister

Time to write a small report about the last weekend, another event happend there. I was at OpenRheinRuhr in Oberhausen. It was the second edition of this event. Last year it was in Bottrop, some maybe remember the sexy openSUSE booth girls ;) So this year the organizers changed the location and it was deifinitly a good decision, there was definitly more visitors because of that. The location was a museum for the industry there once was, so the social event had a really geeky style between really big gearwheels and such stuff. The hall was this year really big and a lot of place for the projects.
For the booth I had one of the big HP touchscreens, they are always good for events. People like to play “Numpty Physics” and when there stay some people others become curious and stop at the booth. But we played not only on the booth, thanks Jan we showed WebYasT on his machine at home, of course we had some conversations about and showings of SUSE Studio. Not many people asked for the openSUSE Buildservice, but thats ok there, it was an more user oriented event. For me I made an test there, we had some days ago a little discussion on the marketing mailinglist to market more such things like OBS and I began to make a new poster serie for that, so I tested with an beamer some of the new posters on a side wall. I think I prepare an slideshow with the motifes, when I have all posters have done, so that all ambassadors can do the same. Its an action thing and that does always make people curious.
On saturday I had an spontaneously talk about openSUSE (they rejected my proposals with this topics), one of the organizers came to the booths and asked me if I can make on the quick an talk. So I used my slides for the openSUSE A-Z Guide talk. Thats a thing all of us can do, I load them to my space and you need only a browser and a little bit knowledge about the points on it. Even you dont know for everything on it some things, that doesnt matter. For me I had on impulse no idea what I can say to “User Experience” so I asked simple the audience. So whenever you have the chance to make spontaneously an talk, remember this slides and use them. On sunday morning I had my demonstration for Inkscape and so on this day we had a lot of visitors with questions for making graphics and such stuff. So but now enough talking, I show better some pictures.

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