openSUSE A-Z Guide at BLIT 2010

November 7th, 2010 von buergermeister

Yesterday I was in Potsdam at Brandenburger Linux-Infotag, it was my 7th visit at this event. Its one of the smaller events in Germany. They started with the event in the city Brandenburg and moved 3 years ago to Potsdam at the university there, since then the event grows up a little bit.
This year they had a bigger program with workshops, 3 tracks and 3 tracks with talks.
For me it was as I said my 7th visit and I had every year a talk or/and a workshop there. This year I had a talk “The openSUSE A-Z guide” there and of course an workshop about Inkscape. For my talk the worst case scenario did happen. I prepared my talk and put him on an usb stick, the stick crashed. I can be lucky that Pavol load up a older version of them to prezi, so I had some slides to show.

The questions I got after the talk was very heavy, they liked to know about our strategy and what happend when Novell would be saled. Another question was about about our education spin, L-i-f-e and how often its used in Germany. So the first question earned the give away really, I gave him a openSUSE beer.
I wasnt the only openSUSE presenter Ralf Danner from Novell had an talk about SUSE Studio and the openSUSE buildservice, hop his talk was also good filled with listeners then mine. Look to that talk I hadnt time because my workshop started at the same time.

The A-Z Guide is a great thing for giving a nice overview about our project. It can be easy reused from all our Ambassadors, because the points have to filled with life from them self, because of that its multilingual. I load up the sources on my space, so it can be reused. I linked it also on the presentation page in the wiki (I cant upload it there because the wiki dont accept the source with the javascript in the SVG). Its done with JessyInk so the SVG is the presentation, it can be showed simple in the browser. You can show it directly from the server when you use this link.
If you like to change some points, I used as font Dman Noisy Kids from Blambot.com but dont forget to make a path from the font ;)

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    1. endym Sagt:

      hallo sirko,

      danke für das opensuse-bier – hab gar nicht damit gerechnet, dass ich der erste fragensteller werde… jetzt steht’s noch schön kalt im kühlschrank, aber nicht mehr lange! :-)
      den vortrag finde ich für echte einsteiger (so die vortragskategorie) etwas zu schwierig: zu viele abkürzungen und fachbegriffe, die nicht weiter erklärt werden. man muss schon etwas linux-wissen mitbringen, um alles zu verstehen.
      ich hätte es dir lieber persönlich gesagt, aber ich musste mich beeilen, um den gnuplot-vortrag nicht zu verpassen.

      also bis zum nächsten mal!

    2. buergermeister Sagt:

      ja, ich weiss, die fehlende Viertelstunde hat mich zur Eile angetrieben.

    3. Event review 2010 : Karl-Tux-Stadt Sagt:

      [...] ther (last 3 years with train) and in the evening back, mostly arrive next morning then – the Brandenburger Linux-Infotag. This year also in the morning to the event and evening back. This year also Thomas was with me, he [...]

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