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Oktober 28th, 2010 von buergermeister

As I promised in my blogposts about openSUSE Conference before, I publish my slides from the first evening with the movies and of course I give the URLs to the movies. First the slides its svg and so you can use your browser to see them.

In the first round I showed some movies as example that movies can be done on a collaborative way, and that normal personal computers can be used for the production of high quality movies.

Filmtrip was a experiment from students of the Fachhochschule Mittweida about the web2.0 or better what is called “user generated content”. The user had the chance to vote for all parts of the movie, story, actors, music everything. But he isnt free :( But an example that movies can also be done in a collaborative way.

OpenMuffin is also such an project for an movie created in a collaborative way but isnt done yet so you can participate on it if you want.

The Morevna Project tries also to do an movie in a collaborative way, the keep all sources in a SVN repository and you can also participate in the production. The movie is an anime movie and is done with SynfigStudio and some Blender scenes.

Connected is a short funny movie and also done in a collaborative way and you can find the results on the webpage also the sources for the figures. But it is done with maya :(

Star Wars Revelation is a movie from the genre what is call Fan Fiction, its not free becaus George Lucas owns the rights on the stories and figurs and that stuff what is called “Star Wars universum”. Buts an great example what can be done with home computers.

In the next round I showed some movies they are longer, so I cutted out some scenes.

I showed the scene from New York from “Route 66 – an bad american dream” This film was one of the first open movies, its a kind of documentary what 3 guys from Saxony and there experiences on a trip along the Route 66. The movie is available in german and english. The VEB Film has some other movies on her webpages.

From Valkaama I showed the scene at the train station with the maker of the movie himself. Tim Baumann did that movie for his examina, you can also find the papers for this on the pages. The movie is complete in english

CH7 was really one of the first Creative Commons licensed program filling movies. It tells a story about the situation with the private TV stations and there program. The movie is available in swiss german but there exists subtitles ;)

One of the famost movies in that sector is Star Wreck in the Pirkening” Its an Star Trek parodie from Finland, so its in suomi but there exists subtitles.

Sita sings the Blues von Nina Paley is one of the famost movies in the open movie sector, a lot of people know that movie. Nina had some troubles with give it for free away because the music was on the end not Public Domain, but the fans helped her to collect the money to give it free.

But I showed also some other short movie as examples:

The Way of the Mantis” a really nice short movie about an chinese monk learning from a mantis.
Gone With the Spurt a very short animation movie what happend when you forget to get out with your dog.
From Mirko Horstmann I showed one of his really cool short animation films “Remake”.


The next video was only a studie for a story but I think there are cool pictures in Materia
One of my favorites is Brother Can You Spare a Job von Tom Neely the story is simple what happend in America under George W. Bush and how it can be changed ;)

There exists round 5.000 copies on youtube from Alan Beckers Animator vs. Animation. On his page you can find more from them.

I also showed “Doljer” a short story from a bear alone in the wood, the movie is from Adam Procter and you can find it in his vimeo profile.

Raffaella Traniello is normally a school teacher and she use free software for doing lessons in her classes about animation art. This year at FrOSCon she had a little workshop for kids how to make animations with free software. I showed one of the results called “Freedom” and “Pesci” more movies from her you can find on her vimeo profile.

Must I really say something to Sintel? I showed the trailer, the full version was then showed in KommKino 2 days later, so it was thaught as an appetizer. The KommKino showed then other movies on her MovieNight

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    1. jospoortvliet Sagt:

      I try to find the movie with the lego puppets and the rather ‘dark’, 1984 like theme, where can I find it?

      And the animation of the guy with the dog?

      BTW this openmovie stuff is cool D:

    2. buergermeister Sagt:

      The Stop Motion animation was called “Alles ist die Noppe” and you can find it on nichtgedreht.de

      The animation with the dog was “Goone with the spurt” the hyperlink to the page is given in the article, if you cant find it there look to vimeo

    3. jospoortvliet Sagt:

      Thanks dude! Too bad they are using Vimeo all over, I hate to be forced to create a login and will thus not download the movie. Too bad :(

    4. movie session @ DevConf.cz : Karl-Tux-Stadt Sagt:

      [...] Chemnitzer Linux-Tage and did it there 2 years. But I did that also on LinuxTag in a session and on openSUSE Conference. So what is it? It’s a mix between a talk and a movie show, of course I show a lot of movies [...]

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