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Oktober 24th, 2010 von buergermeister

I am finally home from openSUSE Conference v2.0 and now I have time to write an article about it. Conference started for me on tuesday with my arrival. I have only 240km ride to Nuremberg but with train you need nearly 4 hours. For the first evening I joined one of the planned social dinners. So I went with some others to a chinese restaurant nearby.
I was not really happy about the situation to have two of them but Will saw not my announcement on the project mailinglist and planned a second one. But some of the KDE people from the other dinner joined us later. Personnally I like such things so I think we should plan such a thing next conference from the beginning on.
Next day the conference started with Hennes kicking ass keynote and ended with my talk about free and open movies and of course I showed some of them. I write an second article about that and of course I load up my slides and give the URLs to the movies I showed there. Between that I attend only a few talks and sessions, one of them was the session about the foundation.
Second day I had also not a lot of time to attend sessions, but that means not I did nothing, I had a lot of conversations with people I do work and thats more important for me. I load up some photos and did some tweets and thats what I tried to do, give the part of our community the not can attend the conference a view whats going on there. The day ended with the Lizard Lounge the social event of the openSUSE Conference.

We got “Drunken Lizards” and “Bleeding Edge” and a special beer “Old Toad” labeled with an Geeko, food and drinks was served from the openSUSE Boosters Team, they looked nice in ther aprons. The conversation I remember the most on that day was one with Christoph Wickert, he was ther for a talk about Kolab but he is also one of Fedoras Ambassadors and works on LXDE in Fedora. He said to me he is really impressed that openSUSE is really a “project” who works the community on and not only Novell. Thats really true especially here in Germany whenever I go to an event people think that, so we have definitly work on changing that.
So openSUSE Ambassadors dont think you can do your job from your chair go out, go to events and show we are an community driven project!
But Christoph was also happy to meet Andrea the LXDE in openSUSE fighter, so they had some time to work on some things for LXDE and talk to each other.
On friday then was the second movie night and with all I spoke about it they are really had fun there. We had a little quiz there about how to earn money with free movies, and the answers was given on tuesday in my talk. Actually I think about to add the showed movies to my article about my talk. But before we went there I had a session about artwork. We have a big problem with that, right now we use 3 different color palettes and often is marketing stuff from Novell reused and things like that. We have definitly after the strategy is made to develop an “cooperate identity” that not an so easy task, the marketing and the art team has to work on that. Nuno and me tried to explain there what for us a guideline is, thats really a hard thing to do. I hope we made some things to the marketing team clear and thats really important to begin with the development, maybe paralell to the strategy discussion! The ambassadors needs really material like banners, flyers and such stuff!!! I also had an nice conversation with Sebas that day and he showed me what happend when I style an wallpaper in the wrong way. The air theme looks in an “Windows 95″ grey style and that really sucks. So I have to rethink a little bit what I plan for 11.4
Saturday was the last day on openSUSE Conference and I attend more talks, so it was quieter on the openSUSE twitter account, sorry for that. I heard Nelsons talk about marketing and I attend Hennes session about the sucking information situation. We have to many of that lizards, planet, spotlight, own and so on. But we dont really use them, some have an lizard blog since years I didnt do one post in them! So we have definitly to rethink our communication system!
The last day ended with an really cool wipeout session – Wine is (not) only an emulator. Marcus Meissner and Christian Boltz did that. So we had information about the emulator there and had some information about the wine for drinking is made and Christian served some wines from his wineyard.
I also got an nice gift from Nelson, he brought me an nice wine. I think I bring the bottle with me to the Desktop Summit next year and share it with some friends.
As one of the organizers of the openSUSE Conference I think it was a great event for all of us. But I have also to say we did some failures and we have to correct them for the next conference. But we do that, discussion started directly on openSUSE Conference and I have some mails in my account from the cfp-team. So hope and think see most of you again next year at openSUSE Conference or hopefully on an other event before.

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    1. Thomas Thym (ungethym) Sagt:

      I had a good time at the openSUSE conference, learned a lot and meet many interesting people. Thanks go to everyone involved in the planing and supporting the conference.

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