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Oktober 17th, 2010 von buergermeister

Marya Morevna, she is one of the attendees of openSUSE Conference. She helps me with my presentation on wednesday evening. She comes from Russia, she likes free software because she earned her live from a tool which is free software – SynfigStudio.

She have a boyfriend Ivan Tsarevich and together with him she plays a role in a movie. That movie is done with a lot or only with free software like SynfigStudio, a little bit Blender, Gimp and Cinepaint and the best is, it would be a free movie. So you can download not only the movie himself even the sources and can change it and make your own movie from it. But the movie isnt published yet. They work hard on it since more then 2 years but they have done a lot.
So when you attend the openSUSE Conference and interested in whats going on with free/open movies or like to know what exactly what an “open movie” is you can attend my “presetnation” on wednesday evening. I try there to clarify what such a movie is, and whats going on with open/free movies and of course show some of them.
For all they cant bee there, I load up after that my slides and of course I give you the links to the movies I showed. So see you at “Movie Night” on wednesday at openSUSE Conference and btw. there is an second edition on KommKino on friday, they show e.g Sintel on a big screen, its open no entry fee.

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