FrOSCon 2010

August 23rd, 2010 von buergermeister

Last weekend took FrOSCon place and openSUSE had a great presentation there. It was the 5th FroSCon and I was there since the second. FrOSCon addresses more developer and so its the best way to make a simple booth there for presenting openSUSE. FrOSCon offers projects rooms for making ther own program in there.  Projects like PHP, Django, Perl, Geany and some others used the offer. After LinuxTag I said to Henne let us take an developer room too, we can make what we want in there, we have only what we do in it.

So the famous Boosters decided to take that offer and work on elgg for the connect application in there. Will did two blogposts [1 , 2] about the HackMeck.

Events beginning always with the ride to it, last year I had the traffic jam this year the Boosters had. So we cant go all together in a restaurant, for this I reserved a table in Brauhaus Siegburg. But the Boosters arrived later on so we decided to go to the chinese restaurant directly in St.Augustin and we had a prominent guest at our table. John Maddog Hall joined as later there.

The first day was already filled up and Thomas had the whole day to answer a lot of questions and so he cant setup our cluster we showed at the booth. Later we visited the FrOSCon social event, a barbecue wit ha lot of “Kölsch” and we enjoyed the birthday cake there. Second day was a little bit quieter and we hadnt so much conversations at booth. So on the end we give out 2 packages on DVD directly to persons and with some other packages we helped KDE again. From my side it was a good descission to take the developer room offer and hack something in it. Yes not a lot of people joined or visited the room, but we had some attention for doing this. I had some conversations with people from debian, they was interested what going on in our project and how “open” it is. With such things like the HackMeck we show that we are an open project – we should do this more.

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