Graphical improvements for 11.4

August 18th, 2010 von buergermeister

Some days ago, I showed some of the wallpaper proposals they Ivan Cukic made for openSUSE 11.4. I think they are not the final version but we got good feedback for them and I think they will happen in 11.4. So I played a little bit with them how it could look in generally with the installer, splash and so on. I choosed the grey version because grey is neutral color. And when u come from splash to the windowmanager there changes not the green and it looks very different. So look and tell me what u think. And of course its not final and I have, to make some things better.

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    1. jospoortvliet Sagt:


      That is so pretty ;-)

    2. morphy76 Sagt:

      they look great, Good job

    3. Atri Sagt:

      Pretty much blown away! Great work!
      Now to make the process really pretty we should look at doing something to make the various transitions between grub -> bootsplash -> g/kdm seamless.

    4. buergermeister Sagt:

      @Atri yes that comes next step there is a lot of time doing that. I working first on the installer. U can show what u have in mind on solutions just do it

    5. Markus Sagt:

      Looks nice. I hope splash screens for Amarok, JuK, and digiKam are not forgotten this time (as far as I can see oS 11.3 only has custom splash screens for Gimp and OOo).

    6. buergermeister Sagt:

      @Markus of course I forget them not

    7. Ilmehtar Sagt:

      I think its brilliant! love all the 11.4 suggestions you’ve made so far. Really hope they get adopted

    8. Andreas Demmer Sagt:

      Wow, the monochrome look brings sleek elegance to openSUSE! I really would appreciate going into your direction style-wise.

    9. buergermeister Sagt:


      yes we had that already on 11.1 the grey-green cobination looked really good on the installer. But it was skipped :(

    10. blb Sagt:

      looks good…but I would personally change the green colour to another shade of greed

    11. buergermeister Sagt:

      @blb is the same green as in the wallpaper for KDE in openSUSE 11.4 proposal.
      But had in mind to find an other green for it

    12. AlbertoP Sagt:

      Very elegant, but too dark for my taste.

    13. vespas Sagt:

      it’s great!
      Why not make the CD a shade of green as well? (probably a light one, like real cd-r)

    14. Willem Franssen Sagt:

      Great work I think. But: may be this is the moment to get rid of the term “Floppy” in the splash screen for ever. No one uses floppy’s anymore since the past ten years and in any modern desktop, laptop, or netbook there is no floppy drive. You might replace it by “USB stick” and/or memory-card, since OpenSUSE can be booted from a memory stick?

    15. buergermeister Sagt:

      @Willem for what the picture with the DVD is the greater from the install DVD ;)

    16. anaumov Sagt:

      For the suse’s installer these colours are very good I think.

      And I think we can add “welcome” in Russian ;)
      In Russia we have a very big community and I think users will estimate this.

    17. buergermeister Sagt:

      @anaumov of course we should do that, on earlier versions it was

    18. Eric Yeoh Sagt:

      Really nice. Me thinks the CDs should have greenish hues like what vespas suggested.

    19. agemen Sagt:

      OMG. That’s beautiful :-)

    20. t0xa Sagt:

      Hello, gnokii!
      What you think about it http://picpaste.com/proposal114.png ?
      Thanks :)

    21. buergermeister Sagt:

      @t0xa definitly not that brings back the differnt green tones. I left out the green tone from KDE wallper so that there is no difference to the olive green from sonar

    22. t0xa Sagt:

      @buergermeister, ok. Just i think to add colors to your proposal. :)
      Maybe add olive color to this http://picpaste.com/proposal114gnokii.png? (marked)
      It’s just an idea. I wonder what you think :)

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    24. redkiwi Sagt:

      I like it! very good job!

    25. Kayo Hamid Sagt:

      Oh man, is really good. Like a solid metal/rock and openSUSE in front, ‘We are openSUSE’ hehe


    26. Ivan Čukić Sagt:

      Don’t want to sound like an egoist (although I am :) ) but this looks rather sweet!

      The only suggestion I can give is to make the logo and CDs a bit smaller.

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    28. nmarques Sagt:

      Very nice. I would probably make it lighter with some cool silver (color of innovation and technology). I find it a bit dark, but it’s good looking and it ownz.

      Very good job.

      By the way, that green which looks dark turquoise has negative associations color wise. I would use a more ‘alive’ green.

    29. Tre Cool Sagt:

      I really like what you’ve done with this version!
      Great job! it looks great. I say maybe make it slightly lighter but definitely I like that its darker then 11.3. you should try to keep it that way :)

    30. lekegf Sagt:

      Take out those CD’s from the first screen!

    31. Beurtbalkje Sagt:

      It has a very polished look. But too gray for me. It gives me a bit depressed feeling.
      Is it possible to add a greenish colour, like you already have in the png that showes the installation progress? And some bright colourfull higlights?

    32. Helen South Sagt:

      I like these a lot. Monochrome is still very popular; personally I like grey – I find it restful on the eyes, and being an artist, a neutral background is useful for my work.

      That’s a nice green, too – though, I’m viewing this on my old laptop, which tends to do odd things to colours.

      I really enjoy openSUSE’s simple, elegant aesthetics and these fit well.

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    34. Marcel Sagt:

      Show de bola

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