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August 16th, 2010 von buergermeister

It was a little bit quiet about that topic last days, thats because I had a little bit other work to do. The only thing I did now for the installer is, to make deliberations which pages are needed and helpful in the slideshow. More I cant do at this time. A generally background is needed first.  I did some wallpaper but I found no really idea, one of them looke like a commercial for lemonade, there was some the liked it but me self not.

The greatest problem here is, you have to find a theme, that fixes GNOME and KDE installations. Remember 11.2 splash in Jimmacs solar theme and after that followed Nunos KDE styled wallpaper looked very different. For 11.3 we tried to avoid that and all became same looking artwork. But her for my opinion on GNOME it looks not so good with Jimmacs great solar theme.

Some days ago I read a blogpost from Ivan Cukic and I had the feeling that could it be and so I asked him to do as openSUSE version of his wallpaper. And he did and her are they so take a look and say what you think could they work in next version of openSUSE?

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    1. James Ogley Sagt:

      Love them, in fact I’m now using the GNOME one on 11.3.

      Ivan makes a good point though, Marketing types might well object to the corruption of the logo.

    2. blb Sagt:

      i would change the green colour(for KDE)…but otherwise I like it

    3. Atri Sagt:

      Minor correction: the GNOME theme is “Sonar” instead of Solar.

      And I think we should try to be more original with the artwork. Not that it looks bad, quite the opposite actually, but you know, if all distros took to the same wallpaper concept, branding, which so often enhances a distro’s impression, would be somewhat trivialised, don’t you think?

    4. buergermeister Sagt:

      ooh yeah u are right.

      But I dont get what u mean with “original”

    5. SJ Sagt:

      It Looks really good !

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    7. Denis Sagt:

      Very good wallpapers, thanks. Gnome is the best. The more wallpapers the best.

    8. esphaglion Sagt:

      Sehr schöne Arbeit geleistet! :)

      Würds sogar auf meinem , derzeit wieder (statt Ubuntu),altmodischen Windows als Hintergrund machen :D

    9. lordmorgul Sagt:

      How do you create such effects like these wallpapers’ backgrounds? Any chance of making some kind of tutorial? ;-)

    10. Vincent Untz Sagt:

      Interesting work. A few comments:

      1) I think they’d work best without the openSUSE text, just the logo.

      2) I’m not sure the GNOME one needs to be gray/black.

      3) The most interesting question: this is the KDE background that is aimed at being branded for distros. So it feels a bit weird to use it on a GNOME desktop. I’m not sure it matters much. But we could use the GNOME background with stripes, as seen on http://live.gnome.org/GnomeShell/Design/Whiteboards/SessionLogout

    11. buergermeister Sagt:


      1) they exists all without the logo
      2) why I choosed grey in this case is simple grey is neutral and I have to do some othere graphics for GRUB and Bootsplash. Would I do them green or even blue it would look not we a well designed distribution.

    12. Micah Sagt:

      I’d love to see these in 11.4!

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