Launch Party openSUSE 11.3 & KDE 4.5

August 8th, 2010 von buergermeister

Yesterday, we had the Launch Party for 11.3 here in Chemnitz. It was interesting, how we do it we do it wron. For the last Launch Party we rented a room in a near cultural center, after that we thaught we can do it in the conference rooms of my company. And this time it was filled up :D We had a lot of guests. Some of them came really early and so it was time for an coffee and smalltalk. This time we prepared 3 talks, I started with the “openSUSE A-Z contribution guide” after that Tobias Koenig followed with “KDE yesterday – today and tomorrow, that was a really intersting presentation. He talked about how KDE started and he showed how KDE looked in earlier versions and on the end how showed some things what comes in future. Michl send me some books and I gived them away for the first questions (in Tobias case it was a nasty question about backuping akonadi). The last talk was a special topic, we had Kai-Uwe he talked about his Oyranos project, thats a server for color managment.

For number fetischists, I cooked arround 200 cups of coffee and on the barbecue after the talks I grilled 40 sausages and 25 steaks. So on the end I had not a lot of time for take pictures but I know some of the guests did. I hop I get them. On the end it was I cool event and we make next release a Launch Party again.

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