openSUSE A-Z Contribution Guide

August 4th, 2010 von buergermeister

A few hours ago asked Pavol me if I have a openSUSE graffiti with an geeko. Of course I have one, he said he needs it for some slides for his Launch Party on friday and I said I have slides with such an graffiti on it and send it to him. After a few minutes he said, thats exactly what he working on. We both had the same idea, we reusing Hennes and Vuntz talk from LinuxTag 2010. And here it is “The ultimate A-Z openSUSE Contribution Guide” in graffiti style.

So maybe some other are interested in that, its possible to translate it in other languages, the slides are a cool introducion for openSUSE. That are only the picture slides for every picture is another slide with some points for it.

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