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Juli 20th, 2010 von buergermeister

A few days ago I wrote about improving the design of the installer for the next version. First I have to say thx to all they commented the article and gave me her ideas and opinions. I think I should work and the changings furthermore. In the last days I cant do not much things on this topic, I changed only the map for the time zone selection from a photo realistic map to an bi-colored graphical. So it looks simpler now (but here is a little bit work to do). Take a look.

On the end I can only develop ideas, what can changed to look better. Because on the end the work must be done with the colors of the next openSUSE wallpaper. But there is a lot of work to do until then. Today I made snapshots from the diashow during the installation process. Such things like the diashow helps that the user think the installation process going very fast, you know the feeling when you wait for something and have nothing what deflect you, the time is endless long.
Today our installation is very fast, and the slides would not long showed. The whole installation process is done (depending on machine power and choosed software) in arround 20 minutes. The slide show isnt the longest part of it, it makes round 6-7 minutes of the process. I made snapshots from 11 slides that means every picture would be showed arround 70 seconds, some longer and some not so long.
Have u ever tried to keep 7 different web adresses in your mind, when you have sort it out from a text? One thing is sure you keep not much from the information that is given in that process. So you have to keep the information so simple as possible, when you like to have a effect.
So now let us take a look of the slide show.

1. Slide: Short introducion what openSUSE is and that it is made from volunteers, URL www.opensuse.org/How_to_Participate (the only not translated URL and remember you have to keep in mind the correctly capitalization) btw. that slide show is showed longer time as the other.
2. Slide: remember me that openSUSE is translated to many different languages. URL http://i18n.opensuse.org
3.-9. Slide: I call it short product information and there are no URL on it :D
10. Slide: that slide is really the worst case of all slides. It informs the user where he can find more information first I would pointed on a URL http://de.opensuse.org/Documentation, then I got the information about the wiki http://de.opensuse.org, then I become the URL of the official forums http://forums.opensuse.org and last but not least I be informed a little bit about OBS. (I hope I am not the only one who questioning here what have OBS with Documentation in common)
11. Slide Information about Novells Linux products, URL http://www.novell.com/de-de/linux/

So now let us speak a little bit about it. I saw a hint for the OBS of course is a really interesting thing for a developer and for the user? Maybe for them is openFATE more from interest, think you not? Saw you something about it?
7 of the 11 slides inform about what I can do with the distribution they I install right now. Has something from I bought a cat in a bag, all the information given on that slides like that there is a complete office or which browser should given before I install it or not? Its more interesting for how start I this, how can I make the first steps with my new openSUSE or not?
To change the situation with the to many URL is really simple. Most of them are the default bookmarks, so instead of writing the URL there should be written “the bookmarks of your browser shows you the way” or something.
For the other things I need a little bit help. I like to improve the section about the project and how to participate a little bit, give that mor place and add openFATE. For the slides I call “product” information (3-9) I would like give more help “how to find and start the browser” and such things as only to say there is one and it is Firefox and btw. Flash isnt installed as the slide right now say! So there is a lot of work to do, maybe you have some ideas how we can improve the slide show during the installation.

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    1. openSUSE Weekly News, Issue 133 out now! | Gnu Architecture Sagt:

      [...] Sirko Kemter: Improve the distribution design 2 [...]

    2. cjk Sagt:

      The simple color style proposal is great. There really is just one thing that is better; that was the 11.1 style ;-)

    3. buergermeister Sagt:

      @cjk I dont plan only on the left side to have the simple color. It looks on the end like 11.1 I showed it on the “Improve…” posting. The problem is, I dont know how the 11.4 default wallpaper looks, right now ;)

    4. jospoortvliet Sagt:


      I think nice improvement on the map. On the welcome screens, I think you’re completely right. However rewriting it could be done best on a collaborative platform like piratepad/etherpad. If I were you I would just open one, copy the current text, and start editing. Then blog, ask ppl to help etc – within a couple of days it could be done. Then you’d just need to figure out who can apply the changes to the installer ;-)

    5. Tommy Sagt:

      The simple version of the timezone map is better. How do you feel about toning the white down a bit? Think it does not go well with the background, a bit too contrasted.

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