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Juli 12th, 2010 von buergermeister

In a few days openSUSE 11.3 would be released and I did last days som screenshots for the documentation in the wiki from the installation process. And I have to say it looks not what the distribution deserve. In 11.2 we had a design problem too, the boot splash was made from jimmac and looked really different from the KDE desktop. For 11.3 we tried to avoid that and jimmac made a good looking wallpaper what looked KDE-styled.

Pieces of that wallpaper are used in some other graphics for the distribution. For example in the installer. So now take a look for the installer. The black geeko looks a little bit wrong. There are so different icons and colors used in the installer so that it looks a little bit as done without love. I think we should change that and so I made some mockups how can look the installer in the future.

So let me say something to what I have done. I changed the colors some of you maybe dont like the petrol green of the left side. Thats ok and it isnt the last word, the right green tone would be choosed from the standard wallpaper let me show you a little bit what I mean.

The color is choosed from the wallpaper, yeah I know its a hard crossover to the wallpaper but I worked on the screenshot and when I doing that not so hard you would see the fonts from the screenshot. But I think that works so that you understand what I mean. For the right side I would stay with a dark grey because that helps for a cleaner look. A clean look was my target. When you take a look of the mockups beside of the screenshots, you will see I removed a lot of icons and some buttons too. On the welcome window for example there was a button “License Translations”. For what purpose? When you click it there would be only showed a list with all available language, the funny thin is when you choose on top your language then changes the license if it available automaticly. So from my opinion the button makes not really sense. On other windows I changed the size of icons make the used icons greater and changed the positions. That also helps that the installer looks cleaner and easier to use.

So on the end what you think about? Give me feedback!

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    1. houghi Sagt:

      I do like the layout of the pages. Especially the larger icons and layout on Desktop Selection and Installation Mode.

      I also like the indent so it is easier to see where you are.

      I also do think that the darker colors are too harsh. The lighter colors are better suited for the majority.

      Concerning the language of the license, that should stay as it is. e.g. I live in Belgium. I select English for both keyboard and language. I am not a lawyer, but I can imagine that not having the license in one of the countries languages (or of that in the part where I live) would mean that there is no license at all.

      So a combination of both would be nice. Mainly the larger icons.

    2. buergermeister Sagt:

      from the viewpoint of law there is only one agreement relevant, mostly ist that the english one

    3. SneWs Sagt:

      It’s really nice!

      I love the darker colors and the overall new “feeling” of the installer. The large icons is also a really nice improvement in the design.

      To summarize it, Great work!

    4. snpz Sagt:

      Darker colors and icons (Upgrade and Desktop selection) looks much better ;)
      Great work!

    5. rwman Sagt:

      definitely awesome.

    6. Eric Yeoh Sagt:

      Dump the black Geeko. The overall design is good. Well done and stands out.

    7. Shyam Sagt:

      Well, a commendable work I should say. Your mockup is really better than the team’s.

    8. buergermeister Sagt:

      @eric I cant dump it, the artwork for 11.3 is done, the only thing we can do is make it next time better.

      @shyam I am part of art-team ;)

    9. jospoortvliet Sagt:

      Dude! I love it, nice work…

    10. Vavai Sagt:


      I do agree with your mockup, especially with the last color scheme (plus beautiful icons). I think it would better to post it on the list to get wider response and feedback.

    11. HeliosReds Sagt:


      Especially I like your ingenuity – the indicator for the current process (<). (^O^)

    12. blau Sagt:

      The darker Theme looks more appealing to me and it is, in my opinion, more serious, more professionell.

    13. BartOtten Sagt:

      Some years ago I made some mockups myself. Back in those days I was told Yast could not be skinned. Since 2 years it is possible and there was a revival of the design. But you are right: 11.3 looks like “out of love”

      +1 for this mockup! You have filed it in FATE?

    14. buergermeister Sagt:

      @Bart no I made no openFATE entry for it, u can do it if you want, I join. But the solution is simple Jimmac is gone to RH and who makes the graphics now? ;)

    15. Shyam Sagt:

      @buergermeister : I seriously mean no offense. Is there anything wrong in saying something is good if it really is good ? I never say that 11.3′s default looks aren’t great. They are indeed great, but this is better !

    16. buergermeister Sagt:

      @shyam my response meant I feel a little bit guilty too, that it is so ugly!

    17. Shyam Sagt:

      @buergermeister : But I never said that it was ugly. It’s good but this is better ! Cheers !!! There’s no need to feel guilty.

    18. MadGenius Sagt:


      Great work.

    19. Gerald Pfeifer Sagt:

      I really like many of the changes you propose,
      it looks a lot more appealing and smooth.

      Absolutely go for the bigger icons and revamped
      display of lists/steps.

    20. kahu Sagt:

      get it on 11.4!

    21. Alexei Simakov Sagt:

      looks really much better, i only realized it when saw two versions side by side.

    22. openSUSE News Sagt:

      [...] Sirko Kemter: Improve the distribution design [...]

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