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Juni 22nd, 2010 von buergermeister

As I here mentioned, I wasnt in Berlin on LinuxTag for openSUSE. I was there for RadioTux and we did a lot of interviews. Now are nearly all published only a few from saturday are not. But all interviews with openSUSE people are published and you can find them in the archives of RadioTux.

There was lot of interviews Alexander Graf about KVM on S390, with AJ and Michl we talk a whole hour about the upcoming openSUSE 11.3, the strategy discussion, the openSUSE Conference and other stuff, then we had a lot of guests nearly all openSUSE Boosters we was interested what they are doing (mixed Henne in german others in english), with Will and Coolo we did a phone interview about Hackweek, with Thomas Schmidt we spoke about Ruby and Rails and the role in openSUSE infrastructure, with Katharina Machalkova we talked about libyui and YaST development (english), with Mike Krüger we spoke about Mono and the Mono IDE MonoDevelop, Vincent Untz had a little help from Stormy Peters and of course we spoke about GNOME (english) the funny thing here Frank Karlitschek from KDE did this interview. And we spoke with Adrian Schröter about openSUSE Buildservices newest version and what the changes are.

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