LinuxTag 2010 – Review (english)

Juni 14th, 2010 von buergermeister

Last week was the 16th edition of LinuxTag, one of the greatest FLOSS events worldwide. I was there but not as part of openSUSE project. There are some events I cant do that because I am part of RadioTux. LinuxTag is such a event and that means a lot of stress for me. My job on RadioTux is Chief of Program, that means I make the schedule for the broadcasting and take care of a trouble-free broadcasting. We had a lot of interviews at LinuxTag round 16 a day and we had two stages too. One of them was in opposite of our booth and the other one was the Open Source Arena which we had daily for a hour.
I arrived tuesday in Berlin for preparing the booth and the technique for the broadcasting. On the evening I had a little meetup with the Mozilla Corporation. It was interesting was a cool “Biergarten” opposite of “Kanzleramt” and they had saxonian beer there :D But the beer wasnt the only interesting thing, we used the time and made some interviews there with Barbara Hüppe, Axel Hecht and Carsten Book. Mitchell Baker was there too, but she was to tired for giving us an interview, but we hope we get another chance. I talked a little bit with Barbara and Carsten about openSUSE Conference.  On the next day I had a appointment with William Quiviger, he is the right guy for planning that. Michl was there too and so maybe Mozilla visit the openSUSE Conference.
But that wasnt the only interesting appointment, we had a lot of interesting guests. On wednesday morning Frank Karlitschek and Jos Poortvliet announced the new program of KDE e.V. “Join the Game” at our stage. Next day Stefano Zacchiaroli vistited us and gave us an interview.
On friday we had openSUSE-Day, in the morning we started with AJ and Michl, about 11.3, openSUSE Conference, strategy and all things that going on in openSUSE project. Then we had a lot of guest all openSUSE boosters, only Will Stephenson, Coolo and Klaas not because they stayed in Nuremberg. But with them we made a phone interview about the HackWeek 5. We had a  interview with bubli about libyui. But not all on this day was openSUSE, we had interviews with Larry Augustin from sugarCRM, Brian King from MozillaDev. Then was there a interview with Stormy and Vuntz about GNOME and a lot of other things.
On saturday our focus was on ubuntu topics and the highlight of the day was the interview with Mark Shuttleworth. So it was a lot of work to do in the week and its not done yet, because the recordings have to be edited and published. I think I will write a blogpost when all openSUSE interviews are published.

LinuxTag himself was better as the last years, the atmosphere was it. The social event on Beach at the Box was a great idea and the weather for it was right. The openSUSE booth wasnt great enough. From my side the presentation of openSUSE was one of the best in the hall. The idea to prepare some “workshops” was a good one. I think we have to say thx to Henne for driving that and as Christian Boltz said he ironed personally. He is really like a mother for the openSUSE project :D On saturday I in the morning I had a talk about Open Source Movies, I dont know how it was. Some guys spoke to me after it and said it was great and interesting. I made not a normally talk and prepared a lot of slides only 7 and for this I showed some videos. As I know the talks on saturday morning are not filled up because is to early in the morning :D But is was a full audience. I publish another blogpost about the topic, but it would be a german one, because the talk was in German.
On the end is was a really great week, I met Prusnak, Miska and many other openSUSE guys again. Next time I see them would be hopefully at FrOSCon, the Boosters plan a Hacksession for connect there, so if you are interested just visit the FrOSCon. Btw. an month later would be FrOSCamp in Zurich, if you are interested to support openSUSE booth or giving workshops or talks so write me a mail. We have to go outside and show the people our project to get them involved! So from this side LinuxTag was a great success. But there enough other possibilitys to show the world our project and community – so make Launch Parties!!!

there is a german report too

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    1. Wolfgang Sagt:

      “Mozilla” will attend openSUSE conference anyway ;-)
      Probably you were talking about Mozilla Foundation or Mozilla Corporation?

    2. buergermeister Sagt:

      of course Mozilla would attend in person of you WolfiR :D The ppl I talked was all Mozilla Corp

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