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Mai 10th, 2010 von buergermeister

Last week I was with Pavol Rusnak and Michal Hrusecky in Vienna at the Linuxwochen, so we “boosted” openSUSE on this event. Linuxwochen is a interesting idea there are some events in the whole country its a kind of Linux roadshow. But they are not all on the same day and if you like u can visit every event. There was events in Krems, Graz, Eisenberg and Linz. This weekend take the event place in Eisenberg. Not all events there are the same, some of them have special interests so in Linz they are on the art akedemy and they are concentrated to doing artwork with free software. There is 4 days long every day a workshop for it. The organizers called me last year and asked if I can make one of them. In Graz they are at the Johanneum and with 500 visitors one of the greater events at this roadshow. I planned to be there this year and make a special video connection for them. But 2 days before I get the car back from the garage more broken as it was before and had no car and so I cant go to this event. Maybe I can do it next year. So now was Vienna and this event is a little different to. In Germany mostly the Linux events are on universitys. The LinuxTag for example started at the university of Kaiserslautern. And in Vienna the event took place in different places in the city most city halls or other public places. This year was the event in the old city hall from the 17th century.

So what have we done last week there now. Of course we made a booth, Pavol and Miska brought all stuff from the office in Prague. Pavol brought a wheel joystick to so that there it possible to play some games. But we played not all the time, we made together with some people installations and give out some openSUSE DVD. Not a lot of them, we had not enough for this. Fedora our neighbor booth went out 120 DVD and we arround 40. We had really a lot of conversations there. We had a guy who brought some pages with his written questions and it tooks Pavol and me some hours to answer them all. It wasnt really openSUSE specific questions but the guy liked to ask us because he uses openSUSE. It wasnt the only guy who requested to see a openSUSE booth on Linuxwochen in Vienna. So there was really some people happy to see us there.
But we did more as this. Pavol had a talk about his GameStore project and Miska did a talk about the upcoming openSUSE 11.3. In Pavols talk was some interested people and Miskas talks was good visited too and after that we see some people more at our booth. Both talks was on saturday and on this day both made together an workshop for using the openSUSE Buildservice. After this workshop the guys from fedora had an workshop about packaging RPM for fedora. I had my workshops on friday. I made two, one about Inkscape and one for GIMP and both was filled up.
On the end we did a lot on Linuxwochen, we had 2 talks and 3 workshops and a booth there, we installed several openSUSE and had a lot of conversations with users and developers.

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