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März 19th, 2010 von buergermeister

A few weeks ago as I did this comic here I wrote at the same time to all openSUSE Amabassadors from Latin America a mail to participate in Flisol. Last year there was only to reports from openSUSE people. One of them came from Julio in Nicuragua and the other was written in the wiki, it was in Chile and Ricardo Varas Santana helped organize the event. For me it is not possible even acceptable that there is a event in 20 countrys and over 200 cities and only in two places openSUSE people are involved.  This year is a little bit different, when you look in the openSUSE wiki there are more places with openSUSE people involved. In Nicuragua Julio and SUSE-NI organize one of the 3 events in Nicuragua. He wrote a lizard blogpost last week about it. In Venezuela Alex Barrios organize the event in Mérida, Hector Mansilla doing one in Santiago de Chile and Ricardo Varas Santana in Coquimbo/La Serena, Chile. Ricardo Chung organize an event in Panama City (he also did some pre-events), in Ecuador José Antonio Oramas Mogrovejo. In Mexico help Mauro Parra-Miranda and Miguel Angel Barajas organize events for the Flisol. Sometimes are such things like my mail are needed to bring things to running. But I did more the chilean openSUSE guy like to have a chilean Geeko and a banner for her event. Javier translate the posters from Jimmac together with me. For Nicuragua, Chile and Venezuela we organized that one of the organizers get all DVDs and the other stuff for the whole country and distribute it to the other cities. “Postmaster” AJ had a lot of work to do with it :D

And now the first packages in Venezuela are arrived. It was a little bit like Christmas not only because there was a lot of packages but the fun about the things in it was the same. For Venezuela that means not, that are the medias are available where the openSUSE Ambassadors are. Like Alex Barrios wrote in his blogpost about it they go to all 19 places where the Flisol take place in Venezuela.  And because the medias are there it would be installed the organizers are really all happy to have them. Actually I think openSUSE made some new friends there because our help was uncomplicated.

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