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März 17th, 2010 von buergermeister

I think I have to say a few words about the last weekend. There was an event and I was there. Yeah I was there. That decision wasnt easy for me. But a lot of friends wished to see me there. I decided that really at the last moment and I felt not really lucky there. Yeah I was happy to see many friends and it was a good feeling with the things they said to me. There was e.g. Wobo from MandrivaUser who said to me thx for invite him last year and that he is lucky that they Mandriva Community has now a booth there. There was the “Fedora Gang” with kital and Christoph.  There was Unki, Martin, Michael and Roman (juliux was there too but he was on the booth of OTRS) from ubuntu.  From Dresden there was Tokoe,  Stefan (he was last time here at Launch Party) and Felix for representing the KDE project. This time openSUSE supported KDE with DVDs again but last time I had to carry them a farther way :D (Henne please force Jan next time to take some KDE-CD) There was Matthias and Rainer from the FSF I meet again and a lot of friends more. I can say thats my family because of that I sort this entry in the categorie “Family Affairs”.

For the openSUSE the event was good and not so good. First Jan asked me for the registration process and I answered him he can use me as the second person that is needed for the process. But I said to him search for another persons for the booth, so that the booth is supported when I not come to the event. He didnt do that after a while he wrote a mail to Thomas and me and asked again. But Thomas had no time because our company had a workshop and a booth at this event too. After this he begun to search. There are not really a lot of openSUSE people for support a booth in Germany! When you look at the Ambassador list there are some people more but only Jan, Thomas and me runs the presentations at the events. Actually there was help from the Boosters, Petr came from Prague (I hope your enjoyed the visit here). That was second time a Booster from there was here at a event. I have to say its always a pleasure to work with them and I looking forward to meet Pavol and Michal at Linuxwochen in Vienna.

A funny thing for me was Alexander Graf was here too and Cornelius had the keynote (ok the organizers offered it 14 days ago) for me that looks as we communicate not really good. We have a page in the wiki for the event. But I cant read there which openSUSE people have talks on the event :( Another thing is the event has a forum for Linux newbies Martin had always an talk there next year we have to do that again. Maybe I do that but that depends on my feelings to some of the organizers, this year I decided no support with talks or workshops (also they asked for that). I know isnt really good for the project but please respect it.

So now after so much bad things the good things. Like Jan wrote we handed out 800 DVDs (Fedora handed out 250) I find it funny but the visitors always asking are they for free? No I am not wondering anymore, Martin had last time I saw him here a flyer on the desk “yes its openSUSE 11.0 and its for free” and I am very sure I made for Henne such a thing for LinuxTag too. I think Petr can affirm here is a local openSUSE community. Next time we have to concentrate to involve them in the project. For this time we involved Kai Uwe (for me is kub). Jan blogged about it he develop a colour management system called Oyranos and some other stuff for color managment. Sure its available in the OBS. Its a interesting thing for people like me but not really for other people. Its hard to find co-developers or people they test it. Last year Kai Uwe did a booth sharing session for it here at this event but he wasnt really happy with it. So I was very happy to hear that he going to Libre Graphics Meeting this year. Jimmac please look after him, he is a part of the openSUSE family ;) But we had not only fun on the event even before. On the friday evening we had a nice dinner (without the planned cigar :( ) at a greek restaurant. We that means the whole bunch Petr, Jan and Kai-Uwe for the openSUSE booth, Ines, Stefan and Bernhard for the invis server project which is based on openSUSE and the people of my company too and we showed our openSUSE related work to. We had a presentation of a cluster and our managment tools for virtualized networks, together with megware sure the cluster runs with openSUSE ;) Petr asked what can help us with our work and actually there is a thing infini band drivers for 11.2 :D Ooh one I forgot Ingo from RadioTux was at our dinner too, because he slept at my apartment (and he uses openSUSE sometimes :D )  We had really a nice evening and the next day on the social event too. Yeah I was there funny thing to become a invitation to it from the organizers, I am sure they forgot I am not corruptible with such things. And the second funny thing, all the years I was in the organization team I had no social event because I organized one of the evening events for the visitors. On the end I dont know was the weekend good or bad, good was to meet a lot of my friends and have some fun with them. Bad was the feeling about the event, because I did it like I all things do with my heart for some assholes in the team its easier to go because they do it only to be one time in the year important. But thats another story.

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4 Kommentare

  1. Petr Uzel Sagt:

    Sure I did enjoy the visit! :)

  2. buergermeister Sagt:

    I think I have to make a visit in Prague when next Launch Party is, I had so often visitors form the czech office last time :D

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