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Februar 24th, 2010 von buergermeister

There has been some time ago since the last blogpost about the openSUSE Art-Team. Now is time for a little status update.

I could say the art team has begun to working. Actually we have some tasks and working on it. Currently we use the wiki as platform to sharing ideas and proposals, I know isnt the way to do it but is works for the moment. When you like, you can visit the pages and tell us on the opensuse-artwork list if you like some of the proposals or when you have a idea for one. Artists are always hungry for feedback ;)

But you can not only go to this list when you have critics or ideas for artwork. When you need artwork you can go there too, there are always guys hungry for doing graphics and such stuff. Tell them what you need and what you have in mind and I am very sure they help. Raul for example think we can offer to help with hackagotchis and yes we can do this. So tell where they can find a source picture and you get your hackagotchi.  But remember hackagotchis are fast done and logos not. So for some artwork give us some time, we try to find as team the best solution. So keep in mind when you need artwork going to the opensuse-artwork mailingliste there are specialists for support openSUSE with artwork.

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  1. New Planet need more hackagotchis : Karl-Tux-Stadt Sagt:

    [...] when you looking at him right now, there are often such “grey persons“. Some time ago I offered a sevice from the Art-Team to make hackagotchis for persons who cant do them self. I think I should offer that service now [...]

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