First Art-Team meeting

Januar 31st, 2010 von buergermeister

Since my first posting for the formation of a openSUSE art team has a lot done. There have been really in a short time, some Interested found. Thus, the idea is not for the kind of team again It was relatively fast
asleep a meeting with interested parties to organize. For this, I’ve got a Doodlevoting for the best time placed. It turned out that it is not easy. For half of the prospective resident on the other side of the Globe. The one side is asleep, while the other is awake. Actually, I had hoped to be able to solve the problem a little, in I receive them into the Saturday with the election. Nevertheless, could only just under half of Interested to participate in the meeting.

The following points were discussed:

Introduction of ourselves
Resources to use
Extra Wallpapers to ship on 11.3
Process for requesting artwork
Polls to get feedback and prioritizing work
Training skills

For some of the problems to which solutions were also now will work. A protocol of the meeting can be found here. A vote for the next appointment can be found here. There’s even been the first tasks for the Artteam. Who else is interested: you can never have enough volunteers – Geeko wants you!

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