More german postings plz

Januar 25th, 2010 von buergermeister

I use from time to time pictures to speak for me, thats for me in easier as write a long english entry. I hope you understand what I mean. For me it is not really productiv to think about translate tweets from english to spanish and the article there linked in the tweet is english. It is the best way to announce the Launch Party for 11.2 in Nuremberg in English on the Planet? I dont know was a good blogpost about 11.2 on the german planet, I think not really it was such an entry there. I am sure we have more german native speakers as aggregated on the german planet. I post more stories on the german planet as here, I have an additional feed for the english planet. Maybe other openSUSE member think now to do the same (I hope so). And I am not more so alone on the german planet ;)

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    1. saLOUt Sagt:


      I even didn’t know, that there is a german planet. ;)

      Best Regards,
      saLOUt (native german speaker)

      PS: Hey ich war der, der zu deinem Inkscape Tutorial in Potsdam zu spät gekommen ist. War super!

    2. buergermeister Sagt:

      there is a german planet but I am alone there with A.Demmer and C.Boltz u can find him here


      Danke das er Dir gefallen hat, ich mach bestimmt mal wieder einen ;)

    3. Vavai Sagt:

      Nice thought, I have same experience with Bahasa Indonesia among the Indonesian openSUSE user :-D

      Actually, I learn English in high school but not a German language. I read the stuff written in German mostly with Google Translate :-P

      Beside the fact, some Germany high quality product is my fav…

    4. buergermeister Sagt:

      vavai that caricature means not that u have to learn german because u use openSUSE.

      That means that we need more blogpostings in different languages. There is french in the comic to and I not speak that language ;)

    5. Novell News Summary – Part I: Two Weeks of OpenSUSE, Some Reviews Accumulated | Boycott Novell Sagt:

      [...] Ogley has caught up with Planet SUSE, which apparently is too English oriented. I just did a massive (and I mean HUGE) catch-up on Planet [...]

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