Art-Team meeting

Januar 23rd, 2010 von buergermeister

A little status update whats going on with openSUSE Art-Team. Its a few days ago since we had the idea to build such a team and announed that. We found enough people to begin to build an team. I would not say the 10 people are enough there is always place for more. But enough for forming a team. So when you have skills in Inkscape, Gimp, Blender or Scribus and interested to do some artwork for openSUSE join us.
We had last week a little doodle vote to find a date when we can have a meeting. In the meeting we ry to find out how we can help the openSUSE project with graphics and artwork. On our wiki page we collect since days ideas what and how we can do that. When you have an idea what we can do or interested to help us to build the Art-Team, then post the ideas there or join our meeting.
The meeting we set up on saturday the 30th on 16.00 UTC on #opensuse-artwork. When you like to contact us use the artwork mailinglist – opensuse-artwork@opensuse.org. After the meeting I hope we can announce that we have an Art-Team and take the next steps to organize it.

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