Building an openSUSE Art-Team

Januar 15th, 2010 von buergermeister

Since a few days I trying to build an openSUSE Art-Team. The feeling that such a team make some things better for the openSUSE I have since a long time. We have a mailing list opensuse-artwork, not often action there. We have some pages in the wiki with guidlines for doing artwork for openSUSE, we have an IRC #opensuse-artwork on freenode. I have to say I am logged in on the chan right now and I almost nearly alone there and on the mailinglist the traffic isnt much.
Creating artwork is one of the ways to contribute to openSUSE not to the distributon alone. Henne makes in his answer the point “This is a resource we could greatly use. We frequently need artwork for all kinds of purposes, not only the distribution, and up until now this rests on the shoulders of a few people (namely you, robert, jimmac and garrett). We also have a lot of teams/areas in the project that, uhm how do i say this politely, use artwork of questionable quality.”
What happen when you need a graphic artwork for a thing? Maybe you know who does artwork for openSUSE and went to one of them, and he has time (and an idea) for doing it. Or you know an guy who has enough knowledge in doing graphics and ask him. The posters of last LinuxTag and the logo for the openSUSE Boosters happened this way. Or you can write an email to the list, its the same as you went directly to the artists only when they time you get what you need. Otherwise you can be lucky and there is one, who take care of it. I am sure thats not really the best way.
Its better I quote henne here: “A group of people, easily identified, to go to for all kind of graphic artwork would be a big step forward for the project.” For building this team I wrote a mail to marketing and artwork list to find people they are interested in build an art team. I am sure thats the same thing like the Ambassador, you must not be an openSUSE Member to help the openSUSE Art-Team. You have knowledge in doing artwork and interested in doing it, write a mail to the list or put your name on the wiki page.
I hope we find enough people they are interested

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